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LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Treat and Trick discussion last week!

Trick or Treat! Seasons in SL! That was the topic of last Thursday's discussion. It was a fun and relaxed time with a fantastic group of people and lots of laughs! The group started by sharing some of the "treats" of SL in the form of places we could enjoy, such as The Library of Alexandria, the Inspire Space Park, Tempura, the Gardens of Apollo, The Wastelands or the DaVinci Gardens, some of which already disappeared, unfortunately. These places shared the uniqueness of offering us the best of SL. To add to the places, the group moved on to share some of the best moments they experienced in SL, such as meeting and talking to people at discussions like these *wink wink* , going to concerts and exhibits, building, exploring, sailing, hunting, and learning new things (some mentioned cybersex, but that doesn't count! Aham...! lol). Some of the "tricks" (not so nice aspects of SL), in the opinion of the group, were the fact that SL is so ephemeral, fantastic places disappear, wonderful people stop coming inworld, and of course the usual array of nutheads, a.k.a., griefers who tend to contribute to a bit of stress in SL. As the discussion came close to its end, the moderator guided the group to talk a bit about seasons (festivities, fashion, etc.) in SL. Most discussers enjoyed the sense of having seasons (and weather) in SL, despite the fact that in some cases these are used as an excuse for commercial purposes. Dressing up for a specific season, and Halloween is big in SL, didn't seem like a redundancy to those present; they found it to be very interesting and amusing even, being creativity a keypoint in SL! To conclude, SL has very interesting aspects and at the same time there are things we don't like but all in all it is a wonderful platform worth searching, providing fantastic experiences, friendships and fun. So open the map, search the destination guide, teleport and get ready for a great time! See you Thursday at LnL's Lounge for a new topic, this time a very controversial one "Is SL a game?" !! Oh, and this week, due to the Daylight Savings Time, the discussion will be at 3pm SLT. As soon as the time changes in SLT, we'll get back to our regular 2pm SLT timeslot! :)

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