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LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

LnL goes sci-fi!

Check out the coolest Light Cycle that is an extra of Outfit-34, LnL's newest release! Isn't it amazing? And you can ride it too, it's not just decoration!! LOL London did an outstanding job creating this bike that is very easy to ride and has two sounds, one for motion and one for rest! Drop by the store to see it! For a detailed description of the outfit, click the outfit's box (right at the entrance of the store)!

Buttons, Steams and Enis!

February is coming to an end and so are the 3 hunts LnL took part in. It was fun!! March is knocking at the door and new hunts are about to start!

*The Button Hunt - March 1 -30
*The STEAM Hunt - March 1 - 30

Drop by the store tomorrow and look for a Button and for a Gear!
Don't tell anyone... psshhh... but both these hunts have surprise setups created especially for you to enjoy the hunt in a more immersive and fun way. ;)

Next, also in March:
*The Enileda Hunt - March 15 - April 15

Oh, at the Landing Point in the store by LnL's Group Joiner there's an "I" you can click for hunt information!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Discussion at LnL: Intimacy in Second Life

This past Tuesday, we met at LnL to discuss the topic Intimacy in Second Life. It seems to be easier and easier to accept that one can develop a strong level of intimacy with someone in a virtual world using only technological means. In RL intimacy may be roughly defined as a close interpersonal relationship involving an emotional and a physical connection. In Second Life most of those present thought that it was all about the emotional side but not only cybersex and that the physical aspect would have to be present in RL sooner or later for a full relationship. As in SL there seem to be less restrictions, the group thought that this may be one of the reasons why relationships in SL are shorter and less stable. One of the most important issues in an intimate relationship is trust. All agreed that anonimity adds a factor of unbalance to intimacy in SL. Most defended that in many ways for many people SL filled an unmet need for intimacy in RL, becoming an alternative, hopefully a vehicle to intimacy and not a substitute. The topic of intimacy in a virtual world is both complex and intriguing. In a Lounge filled with people (extra seats had to be rezzed!) it was certainly a very interesting discussion!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WoW and double WoW Outfit 34!

Well, this is it! We have been working hard to get this outfit ready and today is the day! :) The outfit will be available later today at LnL! Outfit 34 is a very special outfit!! Amazing textures with carefully detailed lines! Outfit 34 includes a jacket (worn as a shirt layer), pants (mod so they can be worn with any type of shoewear), a coat bottom (adjusted to the female and male avatars), a collar, a pair of gloves plus awesome extras, a belt and shoes matching the outfit! It also brings a fully ridable bike that includes sounds for riding movement and stand-still position, the coolest helmet (with a tintable visor), and a typing animation override computer! All the accessories come with a resizable feature for a perfect fit! It is simply a Must-Have! Drop by LnL and check it out!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tomorrow's discussion at LnL: Intimacy in Second Life

Tuesday February 23rd is discussion day! At 2pm SLT we will gather to discuss the topic Intimacy in Second Life. What is intimacy in a virtual world? What impact does it have on you and your Real Life? How are intimacy and anonimity in SL connected? These are only some of the issues we will talk about at LnL's Lounge! Drop by to share your opinion on this topic! We are looking forward to seeing you! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Discussion last Tusday - Fashion, style and appearance!

We gathered at LnL to discuss the topic "Lean and mean! - appearance, fashion and style in SL!". Fashion seems to be booming in SL. We might say that this puts a great emphasis on appearance and style in-world. Perhaps even a strain on those residents who are not into fashion. Most of the participants thought that being fashion-sensitive in Second Life was not that important, despite the fact that assumptions are made about people/avatars based on the way they look. All agreed that SL offered the possibility to make use of unlimited creativity resources and that it is certainly cheaper than RL, making it possible to give a unique perspective of oneself and to experiment. It was interesting to see that for some the style they have chosen in SL now influences the way they dress in RL! Not many believed that brands are important in SL; they stated that a name may draw attention and make one feel interested and curious about what is being produced, but they wouldn't purchase a fashion product based on its brand. It was also mentioned that it may not be clear to a newbie easy it is to customize the avatar and the endless possibilities available; as a response to that several members of the group mentioned mentoring and how important it is to guide people through the first steps in SL. The group also discussed briefly fashion shows and the imapct they have in the SL community; most agreeded that they have a very small impact and become a bit irrelevant as there are no seasons in SL! Food for thought! For others who participated in fashion shows, this was an interesting yet stressful experience. The group was supportive of fashion designers encouraging them to continue to create thus contributing to the evolution of SL. To conclude, appearance is important in SL for most of its residents! Fashion and style are means to fully enjoying Second Life, for some of us one of the most interesting ways of experiencing SL, for others simply an extravaganza! Whichever the case, enjoy and dare to be different! Join us for a new topic and an amazing group of people for an interesting and lively discussion at LnL! :)
PS: Enjoy the beautiful photo of LnL's Lounge London always surprises us with!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Release Outfit 33!!

Outfit 33 presents a special elegance in tones of dark blue. The details are impressive! This outfit includes a jacket, a shirt, pants (modifiable) and a flexi coat bottom adjusted to the female and male avatar. As all LnL pieces, this too is a unisex outfit. O-33 also brings a sculpted collar and pair of very realistic sculpted boots. All the accessories come with a resizable feature for perfect fit! Drop by LnL and check the slideshows for a closer look at the outfit! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Come on over and find the hidden gifts!

Here is an update about the ongoing hunts in LnL, the object you are looking for and a hint:

> Music for the Soul Hunt
Object: a headset
Hint: Look for the recording studio!

> Shoes and Accessories Hunt
Object: a yellow shoe (unisex prize)
Hint: Look for an outfit with a hat!

> That's Amore Hunt
Object: a pink heart
Hint: Go to the 2nd floor!

> Tainted Love Hunt
Object: a heart
Hint: Under the LM and Group Invite box (updated)

> Lovebirds Couple Hunt II - although the hunt didn't happen due to RL issues of the organiser, LnL decided to give the prize to everyone nevertheless!
Object: two entangled hearts
Hint: Close to Heaven!

Upcoming hunts in March:
> STEAM Hunt
> The Gridwide Button Hunt
> Nature's Hunt

LnL has been added to the Irontail Egg Hunt that will happen in April!

Another useful resource:
» The Hunt Locations

Join us for some hunting fun and very cool prizes! Any questions, IM Lizzie Gudkov in-world! :) Enjoy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Discussion Tuesday at 2pm SLT! Join us!

This week's discussion will be on the topic "Lean and mean! - appearance, fashion and style in SL!" Fashion and style are key elements of Second Life. How important is appearance for residents? Is there too much of an emphasis put on the way we look in-world?

Where: Here, in LnL's Lounge!
When? At 2pm SLT, Tuesday February 16!

Drop by to share your opinion on this topic! We are looking forward to seeing you! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

NEW Release - Outfit 32!!

Outfit 32 is an exquisite outfit in soft tones of brown, fuchsia, ivory and traces of blue with a carefully drawn texture. It includes a jacket, shirt, a sculpted collar, pants (modifiable) and a flexi bottom coat. It also brings its own shoewear fitted to the outfit to make it a very special unisex piece! Drop by LnL and check the slideshows for a more detailed look on this outfit! All the accessories come with resizable feature for perfect fit!! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

WOW!!! LnL is in Showcase!

A few days ago, LnL Square received the unexpected visit of Limey Linden (photo above)!

Limey was at LnL following up on our application to Showcase and, WOW!!... as you can see in the amazing photos London took for us, LnL is now featured in SL's Destination Guide/Showcase, a selection of the hottest spots in Second Life! In-world, you can find us in Search > Showcase > Fashion & Style! We are thrilled by the recognition and we take this as an acknowledgment of our project and a strong incentive! LnL is the result of a lot of work and energy, care and respect for all our group members, visitors and clients. Join us in celebrating this achievement! We invite you to drop by the store for a visit and to keep an eye on this blog for upcoming events! :)


Lo and behold!
This is inspiring, inexplicable, frightening... The strangest place in LnL Square... An eery room filled with darkness... We dare you to find it! It is the beginning of the hunt for a heart.. a tainted heart... On the photo (from left to right), the prizes of the Lovebirds Couples Hunt, for the Tainted Love Hunt and for the That's Amore Hunt.. enjoy... And... be very careful... You never know what might jump from the darkest corners and grab you... *evil laughter*!!!!!

And we talked about Profiles in Second life!

Tuesday's topic was Mirror, mirror on the wall... - profiles and their secrets!. Profiles are an interesting feature in Second Life. They provide room for reality or fantasy. They reveal more than we think (or wish?!) about us! All participants agreed that Profiles are an important way to take a first glimpse at the person you are talking to. Many decided not to fill in any RL (Real Life) information to preserve their anonimity and privacy; for those who consider SL an extension of RL, RL details often appear in their Profiles. The group talked a lot about Picks. It was interesting to see that this tab is used to, as it was mentioned, tell a story, the story of each one's SL experience. Many also use this tab as a library of resources, while others use it as a photo album of friends and SL family. The tab 1st Life was also discussed. The group agreed that it should be filled in with caution, especially when RL photos, residence locations, etc. are shown. As a conclusion, Profiles are very interesting! Whether they are funny, annoying, creative, silent or inspirational, Profiles mirror the person behind the avatar and opening a Profile could just be the beginning of an interesting adventure! If you haven't done so yet, make it a habit of taking a look at other's Profiles and you will enjoy getting to know others a bit better! :) Join us next time for a new topic at LnL's Lounge! A final word of thank you to London who took this cool photo (above) and who does all the cool photos of the discussions! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LnL has been blogged again!!

LnL has been blogged again! These are two of the prizes we have prepared for you that has posted in her blog Sl-Schnaeppchen Hunt Items !

The first photo shows the prize for the Music for the Soul Hunt (on until February 15) and the second the prize for the Tainted Love Hunt (on till February 28)! Cool, huh? :) Thank you to and congratulations on the fun and very well done blog! Do take a look at it! Also drop by LnL and grab these gifts!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tomorrow's discussion at LnL!

Tomorrow, Tuesday February 2 at 2pm SLT, we will get together to discuss the topic "Mirror, mirror on the wall... - Profiles and their secrets!". What are the secrets of a profile? What does it show of the avatar behind it? What does it show of the person behind the avatar? Are they a mirror or an illusion? Drop by to share your opinions on this topic! We are looking forward to seeing you at LnL's Lounge! :)