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LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Need New Hunt 2 prize is out!

The I need New Hunt 2 is starting in a few days, October 1, and lasts till the end of the month. Above you can see a preview of the hunt prizes that are ready, instore, for you to grab! A black hat decorated by a silver skull, a black skully bracelet and a ring with the same motif. All the pieces are resizable so you can adjust perfectly to your own avatar. For a hint, click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters. Happy Hunting! To go to the store, click --> here!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Group gifts at LnL!

Autumn is here and it's time to updated your wardrobe. So, LnL has prepared these unisex group gifts for you! A first-rated black skull and tribals Tshirt plus black pants (mod), a fantastic black hat decorated with a skull (resizable), a black and red belt with the coolest buckle and an awesome skull necklace! All the pieces are great to match with any other piece in your inventory! Have fun! To drop by the store, click ---> here!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Discussion next Thursday at 2pm SLT!

SHHHHHHH!! I'm huntin' wabbits!! Sane "Game" or abrupt obsession in SL?!! Store Hunts, Mini Hunts, Gridwide hunts, Mega hunts, weekly hunts... hunts... hunts... hunts. Does this proliferation of freebies kill the SL economy, or is it just a "Fun Game"? Join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Join us! :) *London Junkers (moderator)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thursday discussion was like this!

Last Thursday, LnL hosted its weekly discussion. This time the topic was "Get out of my Lawn!! Hate, Limits and the "Small Powers" in SL"!!!". We started talking about banlines, and for some participants these are necessary, when living in high traffic areas and constantly finding strangers in our property, not to say our beds... But some participants defended that banlines are annoying for the limits they impose and in specific situations such as riding a vehicle or when using a big avatar, like a dragon. It was interesting to see that banlines seem to tempt the senses and people feel like camming in and checking the area. Setting limits triggers the need to break them! The feeling of privacy in Second Life is merely an illusion according to some, others defended that privacy is possble, you just need to know how to achieve it. It was mentioned that the (little) privacy some have in SL is the only real privacy they have in any life. So true. Interestingly, someone suggested that those who wish to set banlines should be allowed to do so in specified areas. Security orbs were considered extremely annoying, especially when they eject you from the location without giving you enough time to TP away and/or make you crash. Hate and prejudice often go hand in hand in Second Life as well as anger, jealousy and petty comments and it was defended that RL and SL, in this respect, are very much alike. The group considered that vampires, tinies, children, furries can be easy targets because of their looks. Many thought that looks may determine people's reactions towards others making them a bit more "trigger happy" regarding the eject/ban button. The example of clubes was mentioned; some ban non-human avies on sight. This may have to do with a strong feeling of "power" by club owners, trying to offer a more immersive experience to their guests. RP sims were also mentioned. They have rules and they are often very strict in enforcing them. The group stated that it is important for these sims to have a Landing Point area with clear information, some even offering an Observer's tag to visitors. Another limit discussed was the existence of Adult land which, in reality, does not serve its purpose, since you can and do get exposed to "Adult" content in General and Mature areas as well. Some defended though that in Adult areas there seems to be less griefing, and a smaller number of annoying people! As a conclusion, the moderator stated that humanity has taken many steps towards fighting limiting behaviours and hate, even though we still suffer from it on a daily bases. But it is up to us, in our tolerance to try to grow away from it and know that more than Hate, Love without barriers is what really will make us happy and free!! As always, an interesting topic, a great moderator, a fantastic group and a fun discussion! Drop by next week, Thursday at 2pm SLT for a new topic! In LnL's Lounge!

PS: Notice the discussion pics London has been preparing for the blog! Very cool!

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Release in Gothic Line - G33-O123!

LnL G33-O123 is a black and burgundy unisex outfit. The top (worn as a shirt) has an exquisite texture of a silky buttoned up jacket with a laced jabot. The black pants (mod) include a detail in burgundy on the side and at the waist level with buttons. This outfit is completed by a pair of dark burgundy gloves, a gothic collar, laced cuffs and a skirt gown, partially opened in the front, for the female avatar and a coat bottom for the male avatar. All the accessories are resizable for a perfect fit. To go to the store, click --> here!

New Release in Gothic Line - G32-O122!

LnL G32-O122 is a black unisex outfit with amazing details in gray. The top (worn as a shirt) is buttoned up in the front and it presents a classic black jabot. The pants (mod) match the motif of the top in an elegant and discreet way. The emsemble is completed by a pair of gloves, a fantastic ornamented collar, dark cuffs and a skirt gown, partially opened in the front, for the female avatar and a coat bottom for the male avatar. This outfit also brings a heart shaped brooch. All the accessories are resizable for a perfect fit. To go to the store, click --> here!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LnL: Discussion Thursday -- Get out of my Lawn!!

This Thursday - September 22 - a new topic: Get out of my Lawn!! Hate, Limits and the "Small Powers" in SL!! We have all been ejected or banned from a place, or simply haven't been able to access it in one of our teleportations. Why are there all these virtual barriers in a world that should be available to all? Why so much fear of real freedom? Or so much hate in ones soul? Join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Join us! :)
* London Junkers (moderator)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The discussion about Drama was like this!

Last Thursday, LnL's Lounge welcomed a great group for its weekly discussion. This time the topic was "Drama is the core of SL!!!". As drama seems to be everywhere in Second Life, the first step was to try to define what it meant. There were many suggestions, from misunderstandings blown out of proportion, to lack of respect, from the need to "win" over someone else, to a lot of whining. Often other's problems are viewed as less important than one's own and that generates a reaction, usually a drama reaction. Drama is subjective and, as such, it is perceived in different ways. What might be an extreme source of drama for some could be very amusing for others though! Drama seems to be seen generally as something negative, yet some residents find drama a source entertainment. Typical drama generators, according to the discussion group, were age and maturity (or lack of!), relationships/sex, beliefs or griefer-related drama. Another aspect the group discussed was the fact that time and again profiles have sentences like "No drama, please! I just want to have fun!, but also "If you mess with me I will kill you"; in the opinion of the group these ARE triggers for drama! As to the question whether drama originated mostly inworld or offworld (RL stress, venting, being angry/fearful), most thought it did reflect RL's anxieties, although some defended that it depended on the type of drama, often promoted by anonimity. It was interesting to see that some discussers saw drama, in some circumstances, as a positive matter as it could bring people together in response to it, becoming a creative force. Alts could also be both a positive and a negative element depending on the way they were used, either as spying or controlling tools or as a way to avoid identification, and as a result... drama. To the question whether men and women experience drama differently in Second Life, most had witnessed drama from both sides! The biggest difference was related to what each group considered drama. Drama as an empowerment tool, often the case with griefers but not only, was a topic discussed as well. To end the discussion, London asked the group to suggest strategies to cope with drama; here are a few -- keep communication objective and non-judgemental, TP away, mute, ban or file an AR (Abuse Report). Our time was up! To conclude, stressful, annoying, amusing or entertaining, drama will never disappear. Despite everything, simply enjoy Second Life, with or without drama! ;) Join us next week, Thursday at 2pm SLT, for another interesting topic!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two New Hunts @ LnL!

Tomorrow, September 15, two new hunts will start at LnL, The Disco Hunt and the Celebration Of The Arts Hunt. Both will last till October 15. These are the prizes LnL has prepared for you.

For The Disco Hunt, a fantastic long sleeved TShirt with a colourful Disco look and a fun detail ;), plus a belt (resizable) and pants to go with the TShirt (mod)!

For the COTA Hunt, an aRtsY hat in black with art related decorations (resizable). The hat comes in two versions, with and without the flexi detail in the back. The prize is marked 1L.

Don't forget to click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint. Have fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next Thursday: "Drama is the core of SL!"

Drama is the core of SL! You cannot go anywhere without being faced with drama. What is drama? Inexperience? Control? Fun? Addiction? Join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! London Junkers (moderator)

Last Thursday's discussion was like this!

Last Thursday's discussion topic was "SL's Classes. What is your position in the social ladder?". London started the discussion by saying that apparently all new residents are equal. They have the same opportunities, they can all own land, a store, or make their dreams come true. As time goes by, though, reality is quite different. There seems to be a certain hierarchy in SL, that determines much of what happens. Some in the group weren't aware of this, they defended that there could be hierarchy within a group, but they were skeptical about this reality existing throughout Second Life. The notion of status seems to influence the way people speak in SL, especially towards those perceived as "important", such as builders, PR people, hunt organisers, land barons or people who were on TV! This perceived "importance" is often reflected from the size of the group they are a member of. Some stated that residents would tend to gravitate towards a repetition of their RL social realities in SL, others that they would avoid them. Status is also earned by education and giving beauty or knowledge for example, or by the amount of time and money people are able to spend inworld, building their contacts' opportunities and their public persona. Another source of status presented was the fact that a place or group is featured in the Destination Guide. Status also seems to be created (and destroyed!) offworld in blogs, and social networks. Regarding the importance tags and titlers have always assumed in SL, the group defended that it happens simply because people CAN wear those titlers or as a roleplaying of their own fantasies, but also as a quick way to show others how you want them to be perceive as. Status is often the feeling or power or worth, sometimes destructive, others helpful and nurturing. When London asked the group if "age" mattered regarding status, the group was divided; some check profiles and are interested in an avatar's longevity while others find that aspect irrelevant. To end on a positive note, time will tell how important the issue of "status" in SL will become. Who was once Big is perhaps now not even in the game anymore, and New Big Fish are just starting to play their role as we speak! Great job, London! Great job, group! Join us next week for a fun and fast-paced discussion on a different SL related topic. Same time, same place!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thursday discussion at 2pm SLT!

"SL's Classes!!. What is your position in the social ladder?" - In SL everyone is apparently equal. There seems to be a common beginning for all. Everyone has a chance to have the same things,the same opportunities. Yet, as time goes by, we realise that there is a certain hierarchy, there are ranks, there are influent people in SL, even a few SL celebrities. What kind of impact does this have in the way SL residents behave? Or is that just something that doesnt influence our behaviour? Drop by to share your opinion on this topic! We are looking forward to seeing you at LnL this Thursday at 2pm SLT! :) London Junkers (moderator)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pips Galatea, blogger added to LnL's blogroll!

Pips Galatea has a fantastic fashion blog directed at those who enjoy Fantasy Fashion in SL. The styles featured are mostly elf, fae, gorean, but also other fantasy styles. It's a very interesting blog, with a lot of attention paid to detail. The posts bring out the best of what is being posted, and that is something uncommon in SL! Here is an example of one of LnL's outfits blogged by Pips.

The blog is updated frequently with information about under 300L and sale items and freebie fashion finds. So, do take a look at Pips's blog --> click here or check LnL's Blog Selection (column to the right - scroll down) to go back to the blog in the future!

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Release in Gothic Line G31-O121!

LnL G31-O121 is a black unisex outfit with a grey knitted jabot held by a silver brooch with a crown decoration. The top (worn as a shirt) is a buttoned jacket with two pockets and a chain. The pants (mod) are decorated with buckles on each leg, in the front and back. The black gloves match the outfit elegantly. This is completed by a black gothic collar and a coat bottom for the male avatar plus a skirt gown, partially open in the front, for the female avatar (all pieces resizable). Finally, it brings a monocle (resizable) with a stylish ornament and a diamond. The monocle has two versions, to be worn on the left and on the right so it can fit different types of hair styles. Go to the Gothic Store and check the New Releases area -- > here!

Fantasy Outfit O-139 now in Main Collection!

Outfit 139 is inspired in a dragon! This black unisex outfit has a rich and detailed texture both on the top (worn as a shirt), pants (mod) and gloves. This outfit is complemented by one coat bottom for the female avatar and one for the male avatar, a collar, a belt and a sword (resizable). To go with this outfit we added a hoodie, a mysterious face mask and a cloak (all resizable). Check the New Releases area in the Main Store to see this outfit! Click ---> here!

Summary of Thursday's discussion on Work in SL!

This Thursday, LnL hosted its weekly discussion on the topic "I feel Useful, I'm going to get a job in Second Life!". London, who was moderating, introduced the topic by stating that in many ways SL is a good place to exercise creativity through work. The group was prompted to start the discussion focusing on the reasons why people decide to get a job in SL. Some stated that it was to get some pocket and rent money, others suggested it was a way to learn new skills and to avoid getting bored! Yet, there are some people, less than when SL was created due to the state of the world's economy, who manage to make a RL living from SL. Many mentioned the fact that it is absolutely fundamental to enjoy what you're doing, otherwise it becomes unbearable to have any sort of job in SL, especially when it is a repetition of what you do in RL. The group mentioned the danger of getting caught in a routine or sacrificing RL. The impact of economies in the way we perceive and approach the possibility of working in SL was also discussed. It was mentioned that working in SL to make a RL living might be difficult as learned skills and gathered experience in SL cannot (will not) be certified and as a result it is practically useless to add it to your curriculum, although it was defended that SL might become more respected in as time goes by. SL could become an important professional tool for people with disabilities, some pointed out. To the topic whether having a job in SL is roleplaying, the group wasn't certain. Some said it was, up to a certain point, yet some didn't see it like that as developing skills in SL could lead to getting a job in RL. An interesting question was raised in the discussion -- how high unemployment numbers were in SL. The group talked a bit about the difficulty residents have in finding a job, especially newbies. But not only newbies face these difficulties. Older residents are often faced with some issues as well, often having to make use of friends' contacts and classified ads. A job in SL has a few disadvantages, like taking time away from RL activities (namely social) and becoming an obssession rather than enjoyment. The way different genders experience SL work was, in the opinion of some, different, yet others defended that it shouldn't be; the only limit should be our own bounderies. One of the last topics to be discussed was the so-called "new" jobs in SL. Before, being a DJ was one of the "hotttest" and best paid jobs. Now other jobs are taking over, for example being a hunt organiser, making a lot of money from sponsorships to their hunts and blogs. Our time was up! So, to conclude, there seems to be a trend in SL regarding work, whether it is to enhance our experience, to kill some time by building things, to grow in our creativity or just to get some money to spend in other people's creations. Everyone agreed that it is a wonderful freedom to have the chance to have a job in SL or not, but because of our work or the work of others, the content the grid has is amazing and it makes our experience very rich! Thank you to a fantastic group! It was a fun discussion. Join us next week for a new topic. Same day, same time - Thursday at 2pm SLT in LnL's Lounge!

LnL Square gathering people!

One of the greatest things in Second Life is diversity! It enriches our SL experience and the way we live in RL!

When LnL started we called it LnL Square to resonate the idea of it being a gathering place, a place where everyone could meet, like in a town square. We have achieved that goal, both inworld and through the blog!

To the left is a picture of the list of countries that have visited the LnL blog. It's amazing! 75 different countries from all over the world so far! And we keep adding new ones! For a full map of the world and the countries which have visit the LnL blog, click --> here! Have fun! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt!

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt starts September 1 and LnL has prepared a medieval cloak with absolutley amazing details and a fantastic sword that matches the cloak (both resizable). The hunt lasts till September 3o. Outfit 149 of the main collection (for sale, check photo) complements the hunt prize. Click the red "i" for an updated hint. The object you are looking is a chest. To drop by the store click --> here!

LOL Hunt Prize at LnL!

The LOL Hunt starts tomorrow and it promises to be a fun hunt.
The theme was anything funny and silly!

So, LnL came up with a hat that you can wear if you want to laugh a bit! It's very colourful and cool for both girls and guys. The hat is also resizable so you can adjust it to your avatar perfectly! Oh! And don't forget to click the red "i" for an updated hint! The object you are looking for is the word "LOL". Enjoy! To drop by the store click --> here!