✣ LnL Square in Second Life ✣
LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Medieval Fantasy Hunt in September!

Yes! LnL is in! The 10th Medieval Fantasy Hunt! What a great event! It starts September 1 and it'll last till Spetember 30. There'll be a lot of really amazing creators and great prizes. We'll keep you updated. :)
Also, newsflash! The Medieval Fantasy Fair II had its dates extended, two weeks instead of one! The fun starts September 21, mark your calendars! Plus, there'll be an Enchanted Forest with prizes. As we did last time, LnL will bring you all the details!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Around the Grid Hunt!

Around the Grid in 80 Days is a fun hunt evoking the explorer's spirit. It starts July 27 and ends October 15. LnL has created a really cool unisex outfit with lots of eye-catching details. There's the explorer hat with the steampunky googles, the belt with pocket and explorer's knife and the giant compass worn at the back with a strap that also includes a set of binoculars (everything is resizable so you can adjust to your avatar). Now, the fun detail about this compass is that it actually works! All prizes in the hunt are marked 1L. That is pretty awesome for an outfit like this, don't you agree? So, drop by LnL and click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt poster for an updated hint and go explore! Have fun!

A Clockwork Spiral Benefit Event

LnL Square is happy to announce that we will participate in the "A Clockwork Spiral" benefit event. It'll take place September 18 to 22 and it raises fund for the National Kidney Foundation. The primary organizers are the same as in the World Goth Fair (Axi Kurmin and Lokii Violet with the assistance from Dolce Blackflag and Sonya Marmurek); this team is a guarantee of a well organized and fun event with high quality merchants.
The themes are Steampunk, Steamgoth, Dieselpunk, Dieselgoth, and Dark Victoriana, in all variations imaginable. So, keep an eye on this blog for updates! This promises to be a great event!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Double WOW, New Releases at LnL!

LnL G45-O128 is a black and gray unisex outfit with a detailed burgundy jabot held by a mother pearl and spider brooch. The pants (mod) match the top in its texture. This outfit brings a Gothic collar, a pair of black gloves, plus a coat bottom for the male avatar and a ballroom-type gown, open in the front, for the female avatar. All accessories are resizable.
LnL G46-O202 is an all black unisex outfit. The top is a jacket with discreet steampunk buttons that also decorate the sleeves, plus a soft laced jabot in dark gray. The pants (mod) match the top perfectly. This outfit brings two sculpted collars, a Gothic collar and a more discreet option. It also has a pair of black gloves, black silk cuffs, a coat bottom for the male avatar and a ballroom-type skirt, open in the front, for the female avatar. All accessories are resizable.
 Drop by LnL Square and check the outfits inworld!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Exhibition Opening at LnL!

The doors opened at 2pm SLT! 
The "Fractal Art" exhibition was ready, the artist Jo Querrien was ready, LnL was ready!
Champagne for all the guests and an amazing gift by the artist, a fractal portrait. 
This gift will be available throughout the time of the exhibit. 
Jo prepared a very rich and diverse collection that included paintings and rugs. 
Above you can see one of the pieces that was most praised, Angel.
It was fun to see old friends at the show and meet new ones!
Well done, Jo! 
Thank you to all who dropped by and if you haven't already, the exhibit will be open till the end of July at LnL's Castle Tower
Come on over and enjoy!