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LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jo Querrien, a bit about the artist!

Jo Querrien has been a resident in Second Life since 2009, becoming immediately fascinated by the amazing possibilities of this virtual world. She is particulaly interested in creating shapes, having owned the store Ultimate Shapes. She is also a polymorph, changing avatars very often! You never know how she will look the next time you see her. Diversity is the key word!

This also applies to her fractal art!
Whether on her wall art or on her rugs, Jo's palette of strong colors and dynamic shapes challenges you to experience each piece individually and intensely!
So, mark your calendars! Jo, London and I, Lizzie, are happy to invite you to attend the 
Opening of  the exhibition 
"Fractal Art" 
by Jo Querrien
Tuesday, July 2, 2pm SLT 
at the Castle Tower in LnL

Friday, June 28, 2013

"Fractal Art" by Jo Querrien at LnL

Castle Tower
LnL Square was initially created to gather friends, hence the choice of the word square, an important gathering point in towns and villages. So, when LnL opened its store, both London and I, Lizzie, never dropped the original concept. Since then, we have hosted many different events like discussions, cinema sessions and parties, and we always wanted to include art exhibitions to these events. We did, in a far away past, in another sim! Now, we are bringing them back!

LnL is thrilled to announce the Opening of "Fractal Art", an exhibition by Jo Querrien
Tuesday, July 2, 2pm SLT at the Castle Tower!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grimm's Garden at SL10B!

As you know, the celebrations of the SL10B (Second Life 10th Birthday) have started and the sims are now open to visitors.

London and I dropped by the exhibition "Grimm's Garden"created by United InshCon's owner, Eldowyn Inshan, one of the organizers of the ongoing Medieval Fantasy Hunt and the Medieval Fantasy Fair.

In this exhibition, many characters of the fairy tales collected by the Grimm Brothers come to life in a beautifully immersive ambiance. Walk around and you'll never know who you might come across!

Who... or what! The exhition offers its visitors a lot of fun gifts, six in total (see photos above and below)!

I totally fell in love with this Dragon Cart! It's super cute, with lots of little details and it's wearable, so it "walks" right beside you!
From a world of fantasy in wonderful, scary, haunting, but unforgettable stories from the past, into the "Grimm's Garden", where you're invited to experience these same stories today!
Oh! And don't forget to go up! Have fun!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tshirt Collection on a Release Rampage!!

Help!! We lost count! LnL has increased its collection of Tshirts and we simply lost count of the releases!! You now have a wide variety of Tshirts to choose from with motifs as different as felines, skulls, birds, music, horror, more skulls, celebrations, fantasy, mythical, and many more! The collections is located in the top floor of LnL and, at the moment, it has an... aham... extra *cough Bunny Beached Hunt prize cough*. :) 

Speaking of fantasy, don't forget the Medieval Fantasy Hunt! It's on till the end of the month! Have fun exploring!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beached Bunny Hunt about to start!

LnL is taking part in this year's edition of the Beached Bunny Hunt! This time we prepared a unisex Tshirt in tones of dark blue, long-sleeved, with a pre-historic maritime reptile motif. We added a pair of blue jeans for perfect styling! Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint. The hunt item is a beach bucket. For more info, check the Beached Bunny Hunt website. Hurry! The hunt lasts for 2 weeks only! Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Upcoming Medieval Fantasy Fair!

LnL is happy to announce that the Medieval Fantasy Fair II will take place in September-October! 

The organisers have sent the following:

Creators of Fantasy hosting Medieval - Fantasy Fair II -"Circus"

A dream goes into the second round!! The organisers of the Medieval Fantasy Hunt always wanted to set up a fair following their guidelines but finding a suitable location was always their main problem.

A month before the 8th Medieval Fantasy Hunt all was set for a location and the organisers and some of their friends started scheming about the whole event.

The Medieval Fantasy Fair I was born!

The planning and designing of the fair was so much fun and in the words of some of our long time Shop-owners it was a bigger success than we all dared to dream of.

Thus keeping a long story short, we are planning for the Medieval Fantasy Fair II "Circus", it will have its own theme. This time we would like to take you on a journey to a medieval circus from the 21st of September to the 6th of October 2013.

More Information coming soon (...)!

We hope to see you all there

Creators of Fantasy:
Aischa Akina, Alexander Waverider, Eldowyn Inshan, Men Dinzel, Alrunia Ahn.

To keep updated, check the website of the Medieval Fantasy Hunt, ongoing till the end of the month!
Or join the Medieval Fantasy Hunt inworld group!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Goth Fair raises more than 1 million Lindens!

The World Goth Fair is over, but it'll be back next year and LnL will be there! 

A warm thank you from London and me, Lizzie, to all who visited the Fair and donated to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, either by buying the charity creations or by giving some Linden Love to the tip jars spread around the the two sims, Port Seraphine and Cursed. 

AND we have great news! In only two weeks, the World Goth Fair raised a LOT of money! Check it out below (images from the official World Goth Fair blog).

WOW! Last year, the Goth Fair raised a little over 224.000 Lindens. This year, well... Lo and behold... 1.009.224 Lindens! YAY!
A special word to the organization team, led by Axi Kurmin. You did an amazing job!
Thank you to all who took part

UPDATE: The money was received!!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Medieval Fantasy Hunt is on!

Yay! The Medieval Fantasy Hunt (MFH) is baaaack. A hunt that is becoming a must for everyone who is into these themes and/or into roleplaying, the MFH, is in its 9th edition. This is an extremely interesting and friendly hunt with absolutely amazing prizes. In the photo above, you can see LnL's, a rich armor-type full unisex full outfit. Should you need help from the organization team or other players, join the Medieval Fantasy Group. The contact people for the English language are Aischa Akina and Alexander Waverider; for German speakers, get in touch with Eldowyn Inshan or Men Dinzel. The MFH lasts till June 30 and, be assured, you'll find a lot of great prizes! Happy Hunting at LnL!

London Junkers at UWA Exhibit!

 The University of Western Australia (UWA) once again organized an art contest, The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge, run in tribute to the 2013 Centenary of the University of Western Australia, as UWA reflects on its 100 years of existence and ponders the question of what the next 100 years will bring.

Many renowned  artists in Second Life (SL) are present, among which LnL's co-owner, London Junkers with his impressive piece "Reflections - Through the Eyes of UWA".

 In the words of the artist himself,

"100 years of knowledge, 100 years of wisdom, 100 years of love and care, of joy and growth. Over 100.000 graduates  have witnessed  the greatness of UWA.  Others , like me,  have touched its beauty in a virtual manner. 
The  piece represents the view of those who travel the path of UWA, past, present and future, in the form of an eye.
This is the eye that sees it all, the eye that let us see the advantages of education, discipline and belief. The eye that silently guides us through the darkness of ignorance, and let us reflect what is good and what is not. Inside the eye, UWA, helping us, bringing the light and enriching our life.  In the back of the capsule, the nerves, transmit  what is learned to the future generations, like propellers pushing the capsule through  the fragile fabric of space and time. 
Congratulations to UWA, for the great effort. And thanks specially for letting me participate and express my gratitude to the project. Best of wishes, and see you in 100 years ;-))
London Junkers"
This 57 prims unscripted piece, massive-sized, yet unexpectedly elegant, is walkable; you may climb the ramp and walk inside the UWA eye. Well done, London! 
To visit this exhibit, and vote for London's piece, click -> here!