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LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

To be released later today -- O-24 The Pharaoh!

Outfit 24 is inspired by the Egyptian Pharaohs. It is an outfit in gold and copper tones, rich in detail and evocative of Tutankamon himself! This unisex outfit has an awesome top with cool finishings on the sleeves and collar, pants (mod) and a flexi coat bottom fitted to the female and male avatar. Plus, a pair of boots that match the outfit with impressive details, a remarkable sceptre with an Ankh, and a majestic dagger with beautifully chosen decorations and worn on an armband. You will find this outfit exceptional!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Hunt at LnL in December!

A new hunt has been added to the December hunts at LnL. It's the Enileda Hunt (top left poster). It will take place throughout the whole month starting on December 1.

So, here is an updated list of ongoing and upcoming hunts at LnL:

» November 1 to December 1 -- Falling Leaves Hunt
» November 8 to November 29 -- Thanksgiving Hunt

» December 1 to December 31 -- Candy Cane Hunt and Christmas Hunt
» December 1 to December 31 -- Enileda Hunt
» January 1 to January 20 -- The 40 Below
» January 1 to January 30 -- Death Becomes Her Hunt
» January 15 to Febryary 15 -- Music 4 the Soul
» February 1 to February 28 -- 2010 Valentine's Gridwide Hunt

We hope you have fun at LnL! :)

Party yesterday at LnL!

London and I decided, on the spur of the moment, to throw a party for all LnLers and visitors to the store! We had a pretty colourful dance floor, for whose change in colour I was totally not responsible, I must say adamantely! We also had a bit of fireworks that gave a cool look to the roof of the store (yep we were on the roof, check out the photo)! It was about four hours of great music chosen by London! We had a few requests just to see if the DJ would do well. ;) Haha and I must say, he did a GREAT job!! Lots of friends dropped by, new and old, some we hadn't seen in a loooooong time, so it sure was a lot of FUN! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

LnL is in a new hunt - That's Amore!!

Ok, LnL is on a roll! We are going to be in the That's Amore Grid Wide Treasure Hunt during the month of February. This hunt is being put together by Rosie Lavochkin, the organiser of The Falling Leaves Hunts as well. Great job, Rosie! For more information, drop by LnL and click the board (see photo) and check the hunt blog!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Full House!!!

The discussion we had Tuesday was about the topic -- The "intellectual type"...! -- help, can I survive in SL?! It was a lively discussion with a full house, as you can see by the photo!!! The participants were simply the best!!!
The premises I presented for this discussion -- No, I don't want to go shopping! No I don't want to have a business! I just want to participate in interesting events! Where are they?! Is Second Life turning into fertile ground for malls only? Or is there room for culture as well?
Everyone agreed that SL is in many ways oriented towards builders, scripters, merchants and buyers. Residents trying to attend events other than those in the club scene are often faced with the difficulty of finding quality alternatives. Things like tech problems (lag being unanimously considered the worst) or SL being more and more of a commercial reality were some of the most intensively debated topics. The group also stressed the importance of having a comprehensive and effective way of making culture events more visible, for instance networking at the group level. Some mentioned the fact that it was not easy to promote culture events when there are tiers to be paid and other costs, while others supported the idea that Second Life is what each and all residents make of it, meaning that by creating opportunities and common grounds, issues like costs can be overcome.
It was a very short hour! There was a lot to talk about and time flew!! Everyone was amazing!! :)
See you next week, Tuesday, at 2pm SLT for a new topic and an hour of great ideas and awesome people!

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Release The Napoleonic outfit - O-23!

Outfit 23 is the Napoleonic oufit! It is an outfit in tones of blue with an amazing sword and a very cool pair of boots to match it. As all unisex outfits at LnL, O-23 has a top, buttoned up in the front and decorated with rich textures on the sleeves (worn as a shirt), pants with a leathery belt and a fine epoche detail in the front (mod so you can adjust to the shoewear) and a flexi coat bottom (fitted for the female and the male avatar). This is a very elegant outfit appropriate for everyone, that reminds us of the Napoleonic uniforms! You will enjoy it for its uniqueness!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Discussion on Tuesday at 2pm SLT!!

Topic: The "intellectual type"...! -- help, can I survive in SL?!
Day: Tuesday, Nov 24th
Time: 2pm SLT
Duration: 1 hour
Moderator: Lizzie Gudkov
Discussion: No, I don't want to go shopping! No I don't want to have a business! I just want to participate in interesting events! Where are they?! Is Second Life turning into fertile ground for malls only? Or is it also a culture medium?
Drop by LnL's Lounge and share your opinion on this topic!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting ready for the Winter Hunts!

The upcoming Christmas Hunt and Candy Cane Hunt have set us, once again, in motion to create a nice setting for all the hunters participating in these awesome events! Both the Candy Cane and the Christmas Hunt start on December 1 and will end at the end of the month. On the shot you can see London and I doing some serious snow building! LOL This pic is just a teaser! To see the whole thing, you'll have to visit us! Also, drop by one of these days for the other ongoing hunts at LnL -- the Falling Leaves and the Thanksgiving Hunt. :) There are some very cool prizes, like the TShirt I am wearing! London is wearing one of the outfits to be released in a near future that is still undergoing some testing! Ok, we hope to see you at LnL one of these days!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Release at LnL -- Outfit 22 -- The Owl!

Outfit 22 is an unisex outfit inspired on the coat of an owl. The textures are absolutely fantastic and rich! The eye of the owl serves as a decoration for both the collar and the belt making this unisex outfit extremely catchy to the eye. Its tones of browns and whites add to the vibrancy and magic of the whole ensemble. This outfit comes with a shirt, pants (mod so you can adjust to any type of shoewear) and a flexi coat bottom perfectly fitted for the male and the female avatars. The extras are amazing -- a very cool bag, a pair of boots that match the outfit beautifully and an amazing armband with a short dagger. Plus, this outfit has an exquisite element, a scripted owl! Drop by the store and check the outfit on one of the slideshows!

Update on hunts happening at LnL!

Here is an update on the ongoing and future hunts at LnL:

» October 15 to November 15 -- MHOH2 and Myths and Legends Hunt
» November 1 to December 1 -- Falling Leaves Hunt
» November 8 to November 29 -- Thanksgiving Hunt

» December 1 to December 31 -- Candy Cane Hunt and Christmas Hunt
» January 1 to January 20 -- The 40 Below
» January 1 to January 30 -- Death Becomes Her Hunt
» January 15 to Febryary 15 -- Music 4 the Soul
» February 1 to February 28 -- 2010 Valentine's Gridwide Hunt

Lots of promising hunts, as you can see! Drop by LnL to check them out!

Hunt at S.I.C!

London, Pascal a friend of ours and I went to S.I.C. to do their latest hunt. It takes place in sick5 in a very well built post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The sim is very well done and you do see that a lot of care and effort have been put into it. It is well worth visiting, even if you're not doing the hunt! This hunt is Chapter 1, so hopefully more challenging hunts will follow. As a bit of extra information, you may want to check out this link which is S.I.C's official website. It's in Japanese though. If you don't speak the language, try using a translator, even in-world, to get a bit of the story behind the hunt. The website has a video showing the Prologue as well (with subtitles). One important hint before you start, as your first task, get the batteries! ;) And above all have fun!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting ready for the next release!

Next week's release is very cool! Just a glimpse at the aham.. powers at work!! hehe Well, work yes, powers...! ;op Here you can see London during the creating process and me... during the creating process as well! Haha! This next release will have a UNIQUE extra! We think you will love it!

The Future of Second Life!

The discussion that we hosted at LnL last Tuesday was about the topic "Second Life, the road to nowhere? - the future of SL". During the discussion the participants referred to their experiences in other Virtual Worlds comparing them to SL. It was interesting to see that most of the participants considered Second Life as one of the most interesting Virtual Realities, if not the most interesting at the moment. Despite very specific aspects such as technical problems (lag, viewer limitations, etc.), content theft or the lack of interesting financial opportunities, none of those present was seriously considering leaving SL. In everyone's opinion, the future of Second Life would become more appealing if there were a development in the quality of the technical aspects discussed and it would become far less appealing, in the opinion of some, if the access to Second Life were conditioned by the payment of a fee. It was a very interesting discussion and a very lively one as well! Join us next Tuesday at 2pm SLT for a new topic! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


LnL is back in the blogs, this week Tarsis Gausman let us know that we had been blogged in the MHOH and also took the time to write a post about us in the FabFree blog, thanks a lot Tarsis!! Check them up and come to the store to pick up all the items blogged, they are the seven gifts we have around this week for you!! Cool Emoticons

Monday, November 9, 2009

Discussion Tomorrow -- Second Life, the road to nowhere? - the future of SL

Second Life, the road to nowhere? - the future of SL

Many say that the economy has stagnated, companies are leaving SL, no one wants to buy land anymore, there are alternatives to SL that seem more attractive and there is a proliferation of virtual worlds, many actually very interesting financially. Every day we hear of sims closing and people moving to other virtual Realities. Is there a future for SL? Or is SL doomed to end sooner or later? Drop by LnL's Lounge and share your opinion!

NEW Release Outfit O-21 - The Gladiator!!

Outfit 21 presents a very special look that reminds you of a gladiator! The colours are rich and the texture is carefully designed making it a high quality product. The details are amazing! This outfit includes a top (worn as a shirt) that evokes the gladiator's armours, pants (mod so you can wear with any type of shoewear) and a flexi coat bottom fitted to the female and male avatars. This unisex outfit also includes very cool shoulder protections, meticulouslydecorated boots and an awesome roman gladius sword! You are going to love it! Drop by LnL to check it out! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Step Up! today :)

Content theft is more and more an important issue in Second Life. Every day, creators see their work being stolen, copied, resold, given out as a freebie. As recently as during Burning Life, many major SL creators and merchants saw huge chunks of their work copied and given out without their permissions. Whether creators are here for fun or for making a living, this is something that must be changed. The Step Up! campaign aims at raising awareness and educating all residents for this reality and for the urgent need for vigorous measures to fight against content theft. You can participate in this iniciative!

1. be informed: http://stepupsl.wordpress.com/
2. get the Step Up! kiosk (drop by LnL and click the poster and the rotating box);
3. share it with friends and customers;
4. wear the orange campaign ribbon;
5. don'tupload anything to the grid today;
6. organise Step Up! events!
Again, this is about awareness and education on this issues!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Discussion yesterday - SL is just a game!

Yesterday's discussion at LnL stirred things up a bit! This seems to be a very controversial topic as some believe it to be a game, as life is, in a way, while others were adamant in defending that Second Life is certainly not a game. Too many things have become important for everyone to consider SL a game, things such as friends, work, education. On the other hand, some were of the opinion that Second Life provided opportunities for playing a game, for instance roleplaying or enjoying the game(s) within this rich virtual reality. It was a very lively and fast-paced discussion with extremely interesting people and very good arguments on both sides!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Discussion tomorrow - SL is just a game!!

Tomorrow's discussion is a promising one!
SL is just a game, some say. It's a more developed way of "playing dolls". It's a fantasy world and nothing else! Do you agree/disagree? What is your opinion on this? Drop by LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT and share your thoughts on this topic! It will certainly be a hot discussion!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To be released later today -- Outfit 20!

Outfit 20 is an awesome outfit with an amazingly special texture, carefully drawn, in tones of blue. It is totally fitted for the male and the female avatar and it comes with a collar that adds to the royal look. The shirt has a metal blue warrior-like texture with a exquisite elegance. The pants are modifiable so that they can be worn with any type of shoewear. It also brings a coat bottom, gloves and a pair of very cool boots matching the outfit! Just perfect for a man and for a woman! Drop by LnL to check it out!

Falling Leaves Hunt started today!

It's official! The Falling Leaves hunt has started!
This hunt has been impeccably organised by Rosie Lavochkin and it promises to be a success! :) Drop by LnL and search for a... leaf! That simple! The prize is well worth the effort. Oh, I have a hint for you: The leaf is guarded by the samurais! Happy Hunting!