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LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Full House!!!

The discussion we had Tuesday was about the topic -- The "intellectual type"...! -- help, can I survive in SL?! It was a lively discussion with a full house, as you can see by the photo!!! The participants were simply the best!!!
The premises I presented for this discussion -- No, I don't want to go shopping! No I don't want to have a business! I just want to participate in interesting events! Where are they?! Is Second Life turning into fertile ground for malls only? Or is there room for culture as well?
Everyone agreed that SL is in many ways oriented towards builders, scripters, merchants and buyers. Residents trying to attend events other than those in the club scene are often faced with the difficulty of finding quality alternatives. Things like tech problems (lag being unanimously considered the worst) or SL being more and more of a commercial reality were some of the most intensively debated topics. The group also stressed the importance of having a comprehensive and effective way of making culture events more visible, for instance networking at the group level. Some mentioned the fact that it was not easy to promote culture events when there are tiers to be paid and other costs, while others supported the idea that Second Life is what each and all residents make of it, meaning that by creating opportunities and common grounds, issues like costs can be overcome.
It was a very short hour! There was a lot to talk about and time flew!! Everyone was amazing!! :)
See you next week, Tuesday, at 2pm SLT for a new topic and an hour of great ideas and awesome people!

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