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LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Step Up! against content theft

Step up! is a campaign that aims at raising awareness about content theft. The concept originates with a small group – Angie Mornington, Gabrielle Riel, Gwen Carillon and Saffia Widdershins. But more and more people are now becoming involved.

Content theft happens when the work of a creator is stolen and sold or given away without the creator's agreement-- hair, clothes, skins, houses, furniture, transport, music, etc. Content theft discourages creators from creating rich and valuable content making your Second Life less interesting.

So to fight against content theft, join the campaign:

1. be informed: http://stepupsl.wordpress.com/
2. get the Step Up! kiosk (drop by LnL and click the poster -- on the photo above, top left corner -- and the rotating box);
3. share it with friends and customers;
4. wear the orange campaign ribbon;
5. boycott uploads on November 5;
6. organise Step Up! events!

Remember, on November 5th we will demonstrate our commitment by NOT uploading anything to the grid. Let's send a clear message to Linden Lab that we've had ENOUGH content theft!

This campaign is about awareness, education and celebration! Join us!

Happy Halloween!

Our friend Niicolee, London and I went for a Halloween stroll! And look where we ended up, at the Haunted Mansion! This is a very cool place, with plenty of areas to explore. The sim is called Prairie Shores and one of the project's mentors is Second Pride. You have to check out their Halloween ride (get the HUD at the door before going in and follow their indications so you can fully enjoy the sound effects and the narrator). Then board one of the cars and hold on to your seats! A friendly warning... keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times! O.o hehe
After the ride, explore the place a bit and you'll end up finding a devilish dance room with plenty of scary devices!Beware! You'll end up... dead..! O.O LOL
Anyway, it was for the sake of fun! Do drop by for a visit! It's well worth the time! We had a lot of fun! :)
Happy Halloween from LnL!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A very cool friend, Dominick!

London and I visited a good friend of ours, Dominick Manatiso! Dom has been working hard along with some very cool friends on the sim San Padre Bike World! It's a really nice place to visit with some of the most friendly people in SL! The sim has a lot of bike related stores, including Dom's Southern Choppers and daily live music! Another location you can visit in the sim is the San Padre Romantic Forest & Mall with a really nice atmosphere and plenty of music too!

In the picture above, Dom is wearing a gift London and I gave him, an LnL outfit especially made for him! He loved it! We are glad he did! Below, a photo of us with the bikes Dom gave us! We love them!
Thanks! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ongoing Hunts!

Phew! This has been a lot of work!! Check out the wall with all the ongoing and upcoming hunts at LnL! There's still time to drop by and pick up the prizes for the Eros Quest, the Vampire Hunt, the MHOH2 and the Myths and Legends Hunt! The first two end on October 31st and the last two end on November 15.
Starting on November 1, we will have the Falling Leaves Hunt and on November 8, the Thanksgiving Hunt. Later in December, we already have the Candy Cane and the Christmas Hunt scheduled and in January, the 40 Below Hunt! As you can see, no lack of activity!! :)

Looks are a killer!! ;)

In the new room setup London created (great job!), we gathered to discuss the topic "Looks are a killer"! The impact of image in SL and why we decide to look the way we do were two of the most debated topics. Some mentioned the fact that the way we look may be an extension of how we look in RL, others said that it was the expression of a wish! Interesting was the discussion about non-human avatars. Most seemed to agree that having such an avatar carries a message - take me for who I am and not only for what I look like!
Next week, we will meet again with a new topic! I will post it a few days ahead! Keep an eye on the blog. See you Tuesday, back at the usual 2pm SLT schedule, in the LnL Lounge!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Discussion tomorrow at 3pm SLT!

Topic for tomorrow: Looks are a killer!

The way we decide to portrait ourselves shows a lot about who we are in RL and what we expect from Second Life. What do you think? Do you agree? Or do you find this statement a total nonsense? Join us for this hopefully controversial discussion in the LnL Lounge, at 3pm!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

To be released later today!!!! Outfit -19!

Outfit 19 is an impressive Vampire outfit in black with discreet touches of red! Both the shirt and the pants are amazing! The pants are mod so you can adjust to the type of shoewear. All extras are fitted for the female and male avatar! It comes with cool buckled textured armbands, a collar that gives it a refined look, a flexi coat bottom, a pair of black gloves and elegant looking boots with very rich details. The final touch is an exquisite black pair of fine-rimmed glasses that will convey a mysterious look to your avatar! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interesting places!!

In our roamings about, London and I visited a few sims! Here are two locations we have selected for you to enjoy! :)We took this picture (above) at the Garden of Love and Romance at Hero. It's a beautiful place with a lot of hidden corners to be with your special one. And we had a lot of fun as you see!! ;)
Have a drink and a quiet moment to talk to someone or go dancing in one of the locations where you can have some privacy!
As we were in a dancing mood, we headed to the SS Galaxy where there's a huge dance hall! This time it was decorated for Halloween! Dress up and enjoy jazzy music! And blues and blues too!!
Invite someone you like and enjoy a quiet evening dancing away and listening to very good music! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What a ride! :)

LnL has been very busy! New releases and hunts brought a lot of visitors to us. We have met some very nice people among which Dybbuk Denimore who was doing the Make Him Over Hunt 2 (on the photo, Dybbuk is wearing the LnL prize).
Thank you for your words, Dybbuk. They mean a lot to LnL!

Monday, October 19, 2009

NEW release - Outfit 18!!!

There is an awesome new release at LnL!!! Outfit 18 is a classical Goth outfit with a modern touch! In red and black, of course! Amazing textures with very elaborate details! It includes a jacket (worn as a shirt layer), pants (mod so they can be worn with any type of shoewear), a coat bottom (adjusted to the female and male avatars) plus amazing extras -- a sceptre that has awesome details in red and black and the most elegant top hat with a rich decorative element! It is simply amazing! Enjoy!

Discussion tomorrow: Drama! - Yikes... or perhaps not!

Tomorrow's discussion will be on... hold on to your seats... DRAMA!! LOL
It will be a very interesting hour, that is for sure, as this is always a topic that raises a lot of controversy! Join us Tuesday at 2pm SLT in the LnL Lounge area! Hope to see you there! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


Wow, Eros hunt, Myth and Legends hunt, Vampire hunt and MHOH are going through LNL!! And the response is huge!! Not a single minute the store is empty now a days hahaha. For us it is a great joy to see all the people coming around and in some occasions some of them actually approach us to give us some comments about the store. Today with all of the hunts of the month already started a special person Jquinn Lockjaw approached us and gave us a bath of beautiful feedback!! Thanks a lot Jquinn, we appreciate all your great comments!! If you haven't done it yet, stop a couple of minutes by the store and collect all of this free items, and don't forget to have lots of fun!! In the pictures Jquinn is wearing two of the hunt gifts hidden in different parts of the LNL Building!! Happy hunting!! Black Emoticons


S.I.C. (Science Innovation Company) is one of our favorite places in SL, not only it is an amazing sim(several sims joined together) but its designer Mk Curtiz incredible creations make this place a must visit for any SL resident, thanks Mk. This week S.I.C. started a new hunt in their sim, always a wonderful time to go visit this marvel of creation. It is going to last until the 1st of november and the prize is this incredible armor I am proudly wearing like a kid with his new toy, LOL. Get some time to visit them, find the 10 hidden boxes and enjoy a wonderful time!! Free Avatars

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Since the beginning LNL has had a lot of followers and Liz and I are grateful to all, but one of our best clients through all this adventure is Jay Waddington. From here LNL wants to send him a big hug and thank him for all his support. Thanks Jay you are a big part of LNL!! BTW, where did you get that cool jacket??Lol,you are starting to look like a rock superstar!! Free Emoticons

Yesterday's discussion!

Help! SL took over my life!
The topic provided plenty of room for a lively discussion about Second Life and how immersed in it one can get. Varied issues were addressed like the impact spending many hours in SL has on RL, especially family, and reasons why SL can easily become addictive. Most of those in the room stated that being in SL meant reorganising their RL schedule and cutting back on TV and reading hours. So true! It was a very interesting dicussion and those who attended were great! More would have been said but we ran out of time! We will be back next Tuesday, 2pm SLT, in LnL's Lounge for another discussion with a brand new topic! Join us!

Monday, October 5, 2009

To be released today O - 17!!!

Outfit 17 is an outfit inspired in the samurai warrior. Its tones of red and black add to the classical and elegant look. This outfit has a top that evokes the leathery samurai armours, pants (mod so they can be worn with different types of shoewear) in the same detailed texture, showing a Japanese intricate lace in the front. It also brings a flexi bottom skirt and rich extras, a shoulder protection in three layers, beautifully shaped boots with a top part matching the outfit, the leg protections samurai wore. The final touch, an unbelievably crafted and unique katana filled with rich decorations and a flexi finish, to be worn either on the upper leg or spine! Just impressive! Check it out at LnL!

Tomorrow's discussion!

Tomorrow's discussion is about a topic that is close to many of those who are in SL! I believe everyone of us has felt this at some point! ;o) The topic is called -- Help! - SL took over my life! Join us for a fun and lively discussion at 2pm SLT in the lounge area of LnL! We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing your opinions!

The headless owner, the skeleton and the LnLs!

London and I have been out and about having some Halloween fun! We stumbled upon Lady Hathaway who, with her partner, built a cool maze for Halloween hunters with secret rooms like the one in the photo! To complete the task, you have to find 5 spiders and at the end you will receive a present! Don't forget to wear your scepter before starting the hunt and.. good luck! Don't get lost! ;o)

LnL in iCNN!

LnL has been interviewed by Kiko Hunniton for iCNN a few days ago and here is the link. Check out the article and the photos Kiko took. Thanks Kiko, it was very interesting!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Preparing for a shooting session!

Oh! Not that kind of shooting! :) London and I were looking for the right place to shoot the photo for the poster of Outfit 17, LnL's next release. We roamed about several sims and while London was trying to check for cool locations, I took this pic at Japan Kansai (with a preview of the outfit!). This sim is a portrait of a village in the Edo Period. If you are into Japanese ambiances, do drop by and enjoy the beautiful scenery! It is worthwhile for sure! I believe people roleplay there, so please be respectful of that, thank you! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Magic and latest update!

Magic! :) Just had to share this shot with you! When we do things with passion, we see beauty more easily. Hope you enjoy! Ah, the latest updates, the Vampire Hunt and the Eros Quest are at full speed. The Halloween Hunt has been put on hold. It will be resumed after they solve a few issues! BUT our present is out, so drop by for that too!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

LnL interviewed!

Yesterday we had the visit of Kiko Hunniton. Kiko is working for iCNN and dropped by to talk to us for an interview. :) We covered many issues and of course LnL Square, the group and the store! As soon as we have the link to the interview, we'll post it here! :) Kiko did an amazing job! We are looking forward to reading the interview!

LnL custom made bike by Swords!

WOW and double WOW! We are speechless! Swords made a very special bike for LnL! It is AWSOME! Haha, does it show that we are thrilled?? ;o) It was a great job! A big thank you to Brian, Dom and everyone at Swords Custom Choppers!

If you are looking for a bike, do drop by their sim! Coolbikes, many stores, events (at the moment they have a bike contest) and, most important of all, amazing people!