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Saturday, February 6, 2010

And we talked about Profiles in Second life!

Tuesday's topic was Mirror, mirror on the wall... - profiles and their secrets!. Profiles are an interesting feature in Second Life. They provide room for reality or fantasy. They reveal more than we think (or wish?!) about us! All participants agreed that Profiles are an important way to take a first glimpse at the person you are talking to. Many decided not to fill in any RL (Real Life) information to preserve their anonimity and privacy; for those who consider SL an extension of RL, RL details often appear in their Profiles. The group talked a lot about Picks. It was interesting to see that this tab is used to, as it was mentioned, tell a story, the story of each one's SL experience. Many also use this tab as a library of resources, while others use it as a photo album of friends and SL family. The tab 1st Life was also discussed. The group agreed that it should be filled in with caution, especially when RL photos, residence locations, etc. are shown. As a conclusion, Profiles are very interesting! Whether they are funny, annoying, creative, silent or inspirational, Profiles mirror the person behind the avatar and opening a Profile could just be the beginning of an interesting adventure! If you haven't done so yet, make it a habit of taking a look at other's Profiles and you will enjoy getting to know others a bit better! :) Join us next time for a new topic at LnL's Lounge! A final word of thank you to London who took this cool photo (above) and who does all the cool photos of the discussions! :)

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