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Friday, November 25, 2011

Money's ups and downs at the discussion!

Yesterday's discussion at LnL's Lounge was a lot of fun! A small group gathered on Thanksgiving day to talk about the value of money in SL. Money is power. Buyers and sellers relate to each other through money, it can buy us clothes but not beauty, it can buy us luxuries but not happiness. London, the moderator, kick-started the discussion by asking whether SL would be more interesting without its currency. There was a common thought, money makes things fascinating in Second Life, it adds to realism, to the excitement of purchasing things. If there were no money, there wouldn't be any commerce. But what do we really need money for? There are so many freebies. The truth is that money puts the market into gear creating opportunities. These sometimes shape excessive consumerism though... The group then went on to talking about the differences between putting money into SL (Premium accounts) and not doing so (Basic accounts); although Basic accounts allow for quite a comfortable living in SL, Premium ones offer other possibilities. Now, with all this talk about money, it was inevitable to mention the best ways to make money in this virtual world! Buying, selling or renting land, being a musician, a model, a teacher, a counsellor. There are many options, however nowadays it seems to be a lot more difficult to make money than in the past. To end the discussion, London asked what we would do if we had all the Linden dollars in the world! Some said they would give it away in tips or to charities, others said they would buy a whole set of sims! All great plans! :) Time was up! To conclude, money controls many people; the more they have the greedier they get, the less they have, the more they want. The real wealth though is freedom, friendship, health, love. So if you can spare a buck, give a gift to someone you love because that will bring you the best richness there is, HAPPINESS!! Join us next week for a new topic! Thursday at 2pm SLT in LnL's Lounge!

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  1. As usual an AMAZING review, great job!!