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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Medieval Fantasy Fair II Now Open!!!

3, 2, 1! GO! The Medieval Fantasy Fair II is now officially open!  
It was still dark when we arrived (hint, hint, look up) to explore the grounds of the Fair. This is a labor of love where all details have been thought of and a countless number of hours spent in preparing everything for the visitors. The Fair is immersed in a wonderful nature setup and, as you walk towards the booths, you are surrounded by a very special sense of magic.
LnL is right in front of a wonderful pond where two gazebos provide comfy sit-down areas. All the merchants did an amazing job in their booths so make sure to walk about as much as you can. It's worth it!
But the Fair is not only a show of who-is-who in the Medieval Fantasy community of creators. It's also a place where you can spend time just hanging out and having loads of fun. Head out to the Carnival area and explore all the games there.
While you do that... just a tip... BEWARE! There are dangerous things around!!
I tried to talk to this guy about about those strange beings, but he said something about balls that I don't quite remember... I had my eyes on that mace he was holding, just in case!
After all that commotion, we needed a safe, peaceful place to hide... I mean, rest!  And, guess what, we found this absolutely delightful Café. Sit down for a bit and enjoy!
Then it was time to find the Enchanted Forest for the Fair Hunt! Follow the arrows (see picture above) and click the Teleporter in the gazebo. But we'll show you what we found there another day (including LnL's gift, that you can see by clicking this --> link). Keep an eye on the blog. :) 
Sooo, lots and lots of fun things to see and do in an absolutely awesome place! A big congrats to the Orga Team for their unconditional and unbeatable commitment. You did an AMAZING job! As for you, visitors, the Medieval Fantasy Fair will be open until October 6! Come on over and have fun!

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