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Friday, September 6, 2013

Exploring The Haunted - Landing Point!

Here starts the series of posts LnL has prepared for you about The Haunted, the Halloween themed sim created by Sweetsister Silverstar. As you have seen in the preview posts, this year The Haunted is the size of a whole sim and the amount of detail and effort put into it is remarkable. Today, we'll start where else but at the Landing Point! 

As soon as we landed, there was an eerie feeling surrounding us. There must've been something lurking in the dark, for sure. We kept our eyes open and our senses vigilant!
But, of course, despite the warning, I did have to touch the stone, didn't I!
That was the first of several more deaths to come.
When this guy came out of his grave... Yikes! There was no rest.
You must pay attention to everything! 
Including a haunted Lizzie! LOL
After a lot of dying, strangely greenish and reddish fogs, and a lot of fun poses (check the tree too, check everything!), we had to take a bit of a rest.
While resting, we spotted some information about a few hunts The Haunted is taking part in and their hints (as soon as the hunts start in October). Don't forget to come back to find the prizes!
Told you it'd be fun! And this was ONLY the Landing Point! Phew!
Happy Haunting! :)

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