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LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Help needed urgently, fund raising event for animal shelter

A few weeks ago, London was contacted by Psikotik Gothly a fellow Second Life resident, asking for LnL's cooperation in raising funds to help the SVPAP, an animal shelter in Valencia - Spain, undergoing serious financial problems. Without our help, the five hundred animals living there will be put down... Both London and I love animals so we rolled up our sleeves and said "yes!". The result are these two absolutely stunning Tshirts London designed with a Lion and a Wolf. They are priced 99L, an unbeatable price, and all the money of the profits will go directly to the SVPAP Rescue Project. The Tshirts also bring pants (mod) to complete the look. If you can, PLEASE do consider helping out and buying a few of the items many designers donated. You will find them at the SVPAP skybox beautifully prepared by the organizers of this event. Click --> here to go there. And, on behalf of all those who are taking part in this effort, thank you for helping. It means a lot to all of us.

UPDATE: A warm thank you to all who participated in the fund raising for the animal shelter. The amount collected was 122.463 L$! The organisers tell us that the money was sent June 26 2012 to the PAYPAL account of the protection of animals (tesoreria@svpap.com). Thank you so much for your help!

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt V will wow you!

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt V starts tomorrow and will last till the end of the month. This is an extraordinary hunt for which LnL always makes sure to offer a fantastic prize! This time a full unisex outfit with a black armour top (worn as a shirt), black gloves and black pants (mod so you can adjust to any type of shoewear). It is complemented by a unisex coat bottom with a buckled belt, spiked shoulder protections and arms shields (all elements are resizable to fit your avatar). So, you know the drill, drop by the LnL and click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters to receive an updated hint. You are looking for a sword stuck on a stone and the gryphon might have something to do with it, just saying! ;)

The Accessories Hunt starts tomorrow!

The Accessories Hunt is the perfect hunt to improve your look! Lots of great designer have gathered to offer you an amazing experience and beautiful accessories of all types. LnL is happy to offer you a very elegant monocle that brings the worn on the right and on the left versions, to fit your liking and your hairstyle. You are looking for a red shopping bag. Drop by the store and click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters to get an updated hint and lots of information about other events at LnL. The Accessories Hunt will last till the 31st of the month. Happy Hunting!

SL9B, here we come!

LnL is getting ready for the SL9B (Second Life 9th Birthday)! The structure is ready; now the final adjustments need to be completed. London has done an amazing job, as always, making an idea come true. I helped with opinions and ideas and textures and more ideas and driving him crazy ;) If you haven't applied yet to the SL9B, hurry, because applications are about to close. This year, there are more applications than last year, BUT the SL9B needs you! The theme is "Comunnity"! So, click this link and get involved! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

SVPAP Project Rescue - URGENT!

If you can, DO consider helping, please! A large number of animals will be put down if enough money is not raised. A group of designers and creators in Second Life is contributing to this effort by donating one or two items; it doesn't have to be a new item, it can be something you already have, so no extra work! The event will take place between June 1 and June 22. For more information, contact Psikotik Gothly inworld and check the SVPAP Project Rescue website. Yes, something can be done! :) Let's join efforts and DO IT! LnL will!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

SL9B Community Event Call for All Hands on Deck!

Yep, the SL9B needs volunteers and you can still apply for an exhibitor parcel or to perform till June 3! The theme this year is "Community", so there is a lot of room for everyone to take part!

Key Dates

Applications open  - NOW!
Applications close - 3rd June
Exhibitors start building - 4th June
Exhibitors Finish Building -16th June
Technical Rehearsal - 17th June
SL9B Opening - 18th June 11am SLT
Entertainment starts - 18th June 12pm SLT
Entertainment finishes - 24th June
Exhibts close - 27th June

Keep an eye on the SL9B Official Blog for updated information and you can also join the @SL9B on Twitter! Sign up today! :)

A few days left to go at World Goth Fair!

Just a reminder! The World Goth Fair is on till May 31 bringing the best Goth designers together. Do drop by! The Sophie Lancaster Foundation will be the beneficiary of profits made from items donated by designers and all tips dropped at the tip jars spread around the sims. :) LnL has donated a full gothic unisex outfit (click --> here for more info and picture)! Here is your limo to the World Goth Fair and LnL's location! Come on over!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


LnL Films presents Seek Wisdom. Based on a story by Lizzie Gudkov.

Seeking Wisdom is the activity of the thought to find concepts that rise us to reason or free us from the matter. No one has ever found it, it is entelechy.

Join Margaret on her journey to find her friend Marius and discover if this time, she managed to find Wisdom!!

Shot on Location in Retropolis, U.W.A. , Imagilearning Highlands & Lowlands, May 2012.

Special thanks to Tricia Farella and U.W.A.

This film will represent LnL in the MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom - Challenge.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Discussion: Marketplace killing SL's commerce?

LnL Square met for its weekly discussion Thursday at 2pm SLT to discuss the topic “Is the Marketplace killing inworld commerce?”.  The participants were divided throughout the whole hour! Many defended that the Marketplace (MP) is laying a heavy burden inworld stores’ owners forcing them to close their stores (considering the high tiers and costs inherent to maintaining an inworld location), not to mention the decrease in jobs such as store greeters or models. Others thought that the MP is an important option that offers an easier buying experience and contributes to bringing people to inworld stores. Despite the fact that lately the MP has been undergoing a lot of criticism, several discussers pointed out that difficult store layout and poor commercial skills on the part of owners drive many residents to the MP where products can be searched more easily. Wrong keyword categorization, poor organization in terms of relevance and images of the products that have been modified in digital image editing applications made the other discussers prefer inworld stores so they can see the products firsthand.  London, our moderator, concluded this week’s discussion saying that in “LnL’s opinion, the MP can be a very useful tool if created and managed well, certainly used as a search engine out of SL to find things that many times are impossible to find inworld and give more chances to more people to show their products. What is really important though is that if people don't buy inworld many places will keep closing and the grid will be a little bit emptier. So let's create incentives to the inworld commerce and keep enjoying the grid we all know today before it is too late. Thank you for your participation, you have been awesome!!” Join us next week, Thursday at 2pm SLT, in LnL’s Discussion Lounge for a new topic and an fantastic time with a great group of people!

Friday, May 18, 2012

LnL G43 -O85 Gothic Line New Release!

LnL G43-O85 is an aristocratic unisex outfit with a jacket and vest details worn as a shirt, enriched by a red silk scarf and silver cross, fitting pants (mod) and gloves. It also brings dark laced cuffs, a double-layer gown skirt for the ladies and a coat bottom for the gentlemen and a sculpted Gothic collar (all elements resizable). Grab your Limo to visit the LnL store and check it out! :)

Outfit O-70 New release!

Outfit O-70 is a futuristic unisex outfit. Dark metalic with strains of gold, this outfits offers a top (worn as a shirt) with a four-edged saw blade brooch detail, pants (mod) and gloves. It also brings a coat bottom for the female avatar and one for the male avatar plus a sculpted collar (all sculpted). Finally, it offer an optional chain belt (resizable as well). Drop by LnL to check it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Discussion: Of Hunts and their impact!

Last week, the topic suggested by London, LnL’s moderator, was “Hunts in Second Life, a great pastime or an economy killer?”. Hunts showcase new stores and locations, hunts are great opportunities to meet new people and have fun. Yet, are hunts as innocent as they look? Some of the discussers defended that hunts did stimulate the market, creating potential customers; though others believed that, by offering so many great and varied prizes, residents tend not to buy. Hunts can become quite addictive. After hording a countless number of items, do hunters really open them? Another question raised was whather hunts contribute to a better SL experience? Most agreed that they did, not because residents had “more” items/objects/clothes but for the diversity and multiple options they offer. An interesting point made during the discussion was how to keep hunters in the store or make them want to come back, beyond offering them a quality gift (which does not happen all the time in certain stores), and suggestions went towards events like concerts or exhibitions, even a game, for the duration of a hunt. Finally, all of those present said that they prefer to have a hunt blog with pictures in order to see the hunt prize in advance, especially if hunters have to pay a symbolic fee. And it was time to conclude. London stated that “no matter what we hunt for, the most important part of it is knowing that at the end we have found happiness, so from LNL we encourage you to go out there and hunt for that”! Join us later today at LnL's Discussion Lounge for a new topic, this time the Marketplace and its advantages and disadvantages.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Discussion tomorrow: Is the Marketplace killing inworld commerce?

We have been hearing a lot about the Marketplace (MP) during the last months. Delivery issues, wrong listings that mess product information, new folders in inventory, stores closing inworld because the MP is free compared to stores inworld, new ideas for promotion from the Lab that confuse us increasingly and perhaps benefit some more than others....No matter where we read about it, it seems to be something people are worried about, so join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Moderator: London Junkers

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Second Life's 9th Birthday is on!

Time to roll up our sleeves and DO something about it! This year Linden Lab has decided not to make land available for the celebrations of Second Life's Birthday, so a group of residents got together and... well, there WILL be an SL9B. This event will run from June 18th through June 24th. Time is short and all hands on deck are needed. An Exhibitor, a Greeter, a Stage Manager, a DJ/Live Performer, Security or Public Relations? If you can help, fill out the forms and participate/volunteer! LnL Square has applied as an exhibitor and both London and I have volunteered as well.
Check the official website
"SL9B Community Event"
for detailed information! :)

The World Goth Fair is now open!

Yep, LnL is ready! And the World Goth Fair is now officially open! Drop by and check the most amazing Goth creators in Second Life. As for LnL, we have prepared an elegant unisex gothic outfit (see pic above). This outfit is an exclusive for the Fair! It includes a black jacket (worn as a shirt) with an elegant vest and a detail with a cross and brooch over a red scarf tie, black pants (mod) a coat bottom for the gentlemen and a tail skirt with a bow for the ladies plus a gothic collar (all resizable for a perfect fit). Do consider buying it, because all proceedings go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation . Click the poster marked WGF Exclusive (bottom left corner of the pic above). It's for a good cause! LnL has also lowered the prices of six of the outfits displayed! So, as you can see, lots of great reasons to drop by the World Goth Fair! To visit LnL at the World Goth Fair 2012, click -- > here!

UPDATE: The World Goth Fair is now listed in the Destination Guide.

Michiel Bechir at Fotoscope Island!

Our friend Korgi Lerwick opened a brand new gallery at his Fotoscope Island and what a treat! The place is amazing and just perfect for the exhibition of one of SL's leading photographers, Michiel Bechir. "Virtual Landscapes" is a captivating record of virtual locations in absolutely impressive photos. Enjoy!

After visiting this impressive kaleidoscope of images, colors and impressions, do walk around the Fotoscope Island. There is so much to explore and a handful of new surprises Korgi is setting up for everyone to enjoy! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

World Goth Fair and Nightstalker Hunt!

LnL at the World Goth Fair 2012

LnL is setting things up for the upcoming World Goth Fair produced in cooperation with World Goth Day and benefiting the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.This event gathers the most amazing Gothic stores in Second Life. Above, you can have a sneak peak at LnL's store in the Fair! It'll be a lot of fun!

In the meantime, before the World Goth Fair open, drop by LnL for the Nightstalker Hunt to grab the amazing prize we have prepared for you! This hunt has been on since May 1 and will end May 31 and is packed with amazing stores!

More infos soon! Keep an eye on this blog! :) And... Get your Goth on!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Discussion Tomorrow at 2pm SLT!

Designers are suffering a huge downsize in their sales. LL bet in the Marketplace is making some of those designers to close down their inworld stores, but does hunting hurt the economy as well,knowing that now everyone can get literally anything in those hunts? Or would SL be unbearable without them? Everything to be known about hunts and more in this discussion!!  Join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Join us!  Moderator: London Junkers

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Wonderlands" by Fae Varriale at LEA 6 in May

Fae Varriale's installation "Wonderlands" is all about a journey through the entrances to other worlds. Do they exist or are they a mere product of our imagination? From "reality" to "reality", the visitor is taken into a world of worlds, a landscape of dreams and affection. In Fae's words "The installation follows in the footsteps of Ellie through worlds discovered by her missing father in his attempt to find out the truth behind his younger daughter's 'insanity' - was she crazy or did the places she talked about really exist somewhere.  Some of the installation is beautiful, some is crazy & surreal, the line between beauty and madness moving dependant on the observer." Drop by for a visit during the month of May at LEA 6. It's a must-see!

LnL Discussion "More Life to SL"!

As Second Life (SL) goes through turbulent times, it seemed timely to have a discussion about what the future includes. Despite the fact that all other grids are still far from being a consistent alternative, there is a general feeling that SL will eventually come to an end. In the opinion of those present, there are a few aspects adding to the heavy burden on SL’s viability – the promotion of the Marketplace (in detriment of inworld stores), the lack of an effective Linden Lab (LL) channel of communication (some were completely oblivious of the fact that there is a dashboard, for example, which only shows it's not effective), not to mention a number of persistent technical problems still to be fixed after years of residents’ complaints (lag et.al.). LL does worry about Second Life and its residents, defended those present. Yet, having said this, the discussers were very vocal about the urgent need to create an inworld source of information coming from Lab. How can SL residents help determine what tomorrow’s SL will be, where is the middle ground between the needs of residents and the aims of the company called Linden Lab? Food for thought. Join us next week, Thursday at 2pm SLT in the LnL Discussion Lounge for a new topic amongst a group of friendly discussers!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Haunted is back!

Sweetsister Silverstar has moved Haunted to a new sim and it is now OPEN! 
Drop by for a good time in the Carnivale and surrounding areas with plenty of rides and free gifts!

 AND don't forget to hop on the Spooky House ride! It's twisted, it's disturbing! Yikes!

Sweetsister has invited LnL to continue to be a part of her project and we have moved to the new sim as well opening our satellite store now at Velesquez!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Discussion Thursday at 2pm SLT!

More life to Second Life!! During the last year, Linden Lab's decisions have stired up a bit the residents in the Grid. From new modifications in the Marketplace, to extra shiny prims in mesh!! Do you think Second Life is as healthy as it has been or are we looking at the decline of this fantastic metaverse?Join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Discussion Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Moderator: London Junkers