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LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stars meet in Heaven!!

Once a star, always a star!! Lizzie's designs are amazing, her creativity is as big as the firmament, and the refinement of her designs is a joy to wear, see and love. Today LnL's friend Jesee Belavidorico, Production Manager of the new and amazing magazine Blithe sent me an incredible surprise!! For Blithe Magazine's premier Issue, Liz's O-25 sword was picked to feature in that important issue!! Thanks Jesse!!

Blithe Magazine is a new and wonderful magazine created to bring the best in entertainment, fashion, socialization and fun to Second Life's GLBT community. Their articles are as diverse as the individuals who read their pages. Merrick Genesis, responsible of this amazing project brings years of magazine editing and publishing experience to SL, ensuring that the publication will always be top-notch.

From LnL, we wish Merrick, Jesse and all the team at Blithe lots of luck and we are sure they are going to do well because looking at this first issue we get a glance of all the talent they have. Congratulations guys and let's meet at the 100th issue!!! LOL. ( Blithe is a bi month publication and as Jesee told me to get to the 100th we will have to meet here in about 16 years HAHAHA, long road ahead but if someone is to make it it will be them with our support!! Blithe ROCKS!! Check their blog here Blithe Magazine SL.


  1. Congrats to the new magazine! It looks awesome and what a great read! :) Also thank you for featuring one of the first things I created in Second Life! The approach offered in the article, combine different pieces of different outfits, different stores, different styles even, is a solid advice! Great job!

  2. Hey LNL thanks for the link, cool magazine btw. And that Sword rocks, I went and got it myself and I am impressed looks great in the picture but wearing it is a dream, thank you!!