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Sunday, April 1, 2012

LEA Roundtable Tips!

London and I attended the LEA Roundtable: Purpose and Approach to Full Sim Art Exhibition” moderated by Sasun Steinbeck. This was particularly interesting considering London will take part in the LEA Full Sim Art Series in November.

Here are a few topics to remember from the meeting:

>More space between sims is needed and preferably have them placed in a checkerboard pattern to avoid exhibitions colliding amongst one another and to facilitate shooting machinimas/taking photos;
>Use common sense and respect (apparently a simple notion, but not always implemented)!
>Cooperate and communicate - interact with neighboring sims!
>Plan and design carefully but don’t hesitate to experiment;
>Consider building in multiple levels;
>To terraform, ask the assistance of an officer to assist with terrain textures;
>Use prim saving techniques and go easy on the scripts (note: check texture sizes)!
>Remember, not all viewers “see” the builds the same way (note: test the final look with several viewers and quality definitions);
>Some exhibits request visitors to remove HUDs, AOs … to help with lag, although some people don’t like doing that… So, something to consider.
>Think Windlights!

In general, it was an interesting meeting where artists and curators with experience in large-scale exhibits shared their experience!

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