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Monday, January 30, 2012

Not everything is Black and White!!

After being the UWA's 7th award winner last year with the piece Zebras, artist Fuschia Nightfire was invited to make a full sim installation. She had to come up with an idea that would fill all that space and found a piece called "Not everything is plain B&W" which led to the thought of taking things further along that line. Searching in her inventory she found out there were other pieces sharing the same black and white or shades of gray look and although they were not connected in any other way, she thought it would be interesting to put together a show of all of them.
The show is composed by a series of installations all in black and white and shades of grey, where the viewer travels around of the surreal, dreamlike creation. It is even possible to blend in the piece fully by grabbing and wearing the skins and clothing found for free at the landing point. The show is very involving and it is recommended to just take some time, let everything rez, and jump in the hole in the floor in the landing area to explore. There is a clear path to follow but it is nice to stray outside of it and find interesting features you may miss if you don't.
This is a very beautiful creation, I recommended you to see with friends or just by yourself. It was elected to be in SL's destination guide editor's picks even before the project was opened to the public. As Fuschia said to LNL, "I feel like this is the absolute highlight of my SL art", and we believe it is definitively a must see and truly a highlight in our Second Life!! To visit the show just click this --> LINK it will run until the 20th February 2012.
Take a lot of pictures and have a lot of fun!! And if you want to share your pictures with Fuschia, just add your shots to her flickr group here. Thanks Fuschia for your help and congratulations, this is a wonderful experience!!

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