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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Delestra Quest!

Taking a bit of a break from all the work we have done lately, moving the whole store and creating all the different environments for you to enjoy, London and I decided to take a look at the Destination Guide and find something interesting and different to do. We stumbled upon a game called the Delestra Quest. It is said that Delestra is a sim with a secret. The aim of the game is to find this secret by exploring the floating dockyard, the gothic castle, the temple, the Oriental village and the labyrinth, finding as many clues as possible. Talk to anyone you come across!

"Welcome stranger. If you are ready for the Delestra Quest touch me for a HUD and other information...please come close so I can see you!!" says the Demon merchant. As you are about to start the game, talk to him and grab all the information you can. Beware, he will try to sell you a few items, but you will most likely find them at a cheaper price elsewhere!

One of the clues you receive at the beginning says: "You have found yourself in a dockyard used for ship repairs, restocking of supplies and recreation. Delestra is famed for its dark sky and it can be an intimidating place full of strange cultures and places.

There are many legends of old times including stories of pilgrims, Enscharys elves, and unicorns but also demons and dark forces."

This is a fun game, that will probably take more than one session to finish. It is very interactive even taking you outside of Second Life to check for clues!

And at the end you receive a prize composed of several prizes! We won't reveal what so we don't spoil the surprise! ;)

A few tips:
* Be careful, the sim has a lot of objects around that are for sale. When you click something for a clue, do it intentionally and paying A LOT of attention!
* Walk around and get close to things; the clues are triggered by proximity. You'll hear a sound and the clue will appear both in local chat and on your screen.
* Every now and then, unwear and wear the HUD to update it.
* Check if the item indicated as having been loaded in your HUD is there. If not, repeat the step and it will appear without any further issue.
* Save a few LMs of key locations! Just a thought! ;)

This game is very well organised and rich in detail. It's a lot of fun to do by yourself or with a friend. Great job! To play the Delestra Quest, click --> here! Have fun!

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