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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Springtime Slaughter - a murder mystery!

London and I were trying to find something different to do and ran a search in the Second Life Destination Guide for inspiration! There were a few interesting options, but the Springtime Slaughter caught our eye, especially because of the fact that it was a challenge to our detective skills in solving an intriguing murder mystery!

You land in the Dragon's Den where you have to click the chest (check pic) and you'll receive a folder with a few important elements - a notecard with the story of the Spring Slaughter, a few indications on the game and a HUD. This HUD will be filled out with the information you collect as the game progresses! Finally, also in the folder, a texture of a grid that you can print and use as a database to take a few notes.

And the story starts... "It was a dark and stormy night... out at sea, the storm brought an unknown ship closer and closer to the shores of Heart of Dragons...

Wrecked upon the rocks, 6 rival En Garde players struggled ashore and looked at the tempting land they had happened upon. The six rivals were Ryan Retreat, Petrushka Parry, Annabel Attack, Lord Serious Alt (aka LSA), Damon Double-Lunge and Frieda Forfeit."

But something lurked in the darkness of their minds and they were obsessed, wanting to win the En Garde tournament although they lacked the skills to... "They sent out messages that they wanted to hold a tournament with the 6 best players the Champions of En Garde, Robin Rapier, Kelly Katana, Freddy Foil, Sam Sabre, Eddie Epee and Dana Dagger. But before the tournament could start, the champions were all dead."

The challenge is for you to solve the mystery, saving the noble game and the land from evil! Now, the champions were alive before noon and they were all dead after 10pm that same evening.

They all died in different places and times, having been killed by different weapons. Find the 18 clues hidden around the 2 two sims - Heart of Dragons and Dragon Nest - in the shape of murder weapons or paper scrolls. In the folder given to you at the beginning is also clue #19!

This is an extraordinary sim with amazing hidden spots and great places to sit for a while and simply enjoy. It is very well built and it provides the right environment to this murder mystery.

Use the wonderful locations to regroup and organise the information you have found so far!

Explore every corner and every possibility, even the most unlikely one. Sometimes a concealed area might offer an extra clue!

Don't get intimidated by firey creatures (by the way, absolutely fantastic!) nor dark grottos (with twists and turns that will amaze you)! Click all the TP spots as they might offer new chances!!

London and I had a lot of fun especially because this is not the type of game you solve in an hour or two. It needs work, patience, power of deduction and a good eye! Congratulations are in order to Edenlee Fallen and Aries Oh, the creators. :) Drop by the Heart of Dragons for the Spring Slaughter and drop a comment here on how the game went for you and what you thought of the sims. We would love to know! Oh, and London and I did solve the mystery! Yay! When you fill out the HUD with the correct info, it will give you a message showing that YOU GOT IT!!

UPDATE: Check the first pic of the post again and you will see a list of names!

London and I are now listed as having solved the Springtime Slaughter Mystery! Yay!

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