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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Discussion: Shapeshifting, soul changing?

This week's topic was "Shapeshifting, soul changing? - the in's and out's of change in SL (Second Life)!". Second Life allows for a lot of diversity and change. We talked about how big an impact this possibility has on all of us. Changing our avatar's shape tends to stir the most interesting reactions in others and in ourselves! The discussion was kick-started with the question "Why do we feel the need to "change" in SL? Simply because "we can" or is there something deeper?". It was interesting to see that most felt "change" in SL as fun and experimenting and not exactly as a "need". For some, change was also a test to others. The group talked a lot about how changing into an appearance that strides outside the norm triggers the most unexpected attitudes in others. Someone in a wheelchair or who has an avatar that goes outside the "norm" is often invisible. This generated a bit of debate as some didn't fully agree with it! The group also discussed how much one changes during the course of his/her SL experience. For some it was a matter of changing until they found their "look" that, in a way, is their identity, finding it now difficult and awkward to have a different look by changing something as simple as a skin. For others, change was an integral part of existing in SL, something that made things far more interesting. Does change transfer from SL to RL, not only physically but psychological/emotionally too? Everyone agreed that it does. It may be in small things, such as a new found clothing style, or in extremely important issues like feeling more confident for instance. As a conclusion, the ability to change is a very important part of being alive, both in RL (Real Life) and in SL. It should also be reason for enjoyment in SL and not finger-pointing. Wouldn't it be great if SL could give a big push towards understanding and tolerance in what our outer (and inner too!) shape is? Join us next time at LnL for a new topic anda lively and interesting group of people! Looking forward to seeing you! :)

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