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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Discussion "The Love Word - relationships in SL"!!

The topic for Tuesday of last week was "The Love word! - relationships in SL". A relationship is in itself a very complex issue. Add to that the SL-factor and it might become something unpredictable! The group started by talking about what drives the beginning of an Second Life (SL) relationship. Some defended that it is the same as in Real Life (RL) while others believed that factors like anonimity or geographical distance are crucial for people to feel bolder. Having the possibility of total privacy in SL makes it possible to not waste time on trivialities and people tend to be more direct, talking about their feelings and emotions. Sex seems to be possible more easily as well, some defended. The group talked a lot about fantasy in SL. Is an SL relationship a fantasy? All agreed that it is what one intends it to be, fantasy or reality, despite the fact that when expectations are different from one partner to the other that might be the cause for serious problems both in SL and in RL. Regarding intimacy in SL, all agreed there is indeed intimacy, although this was not an easy concept to define. To the question, what makes SL relationships work, things like open communication, honesty and respect were mentioned. For some the relationship stays in SL, for other RL is inevitably a part of SL, changing it and influencing it. To the fact that SL relationships seem to be fast-paced, starting and ending quickly, some suggested spending too much time together was a stress factor while others pointed out that there are close to no consequences if a relationship collapses. This was a very interesting and lively discussion! Many new faces attended and a lot of familiar ones as well! It was great fun! Join us next time for a new topic at LnL's Lounge! :)

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