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Monday, October 7, 2013

WOW! What a Way to Close the Medieval Fantasy Fair!

It was time for the Medieval Fantasy Fair II to close its doors after weeks of a lot of work by the organization team and all the merchants. It was fantastic to see many visitors enjoying the stores at the Fair and its Carnival area! 
But the Fair wasn't going to come to an end quietly, oh no! 
The Changhigh Sisters brought their Fireshow of Light, Life and Love to town!
The audience that filled the circus tent was in awe of the beauty, exuberance, elegance and color of the show!
The music, carefully chosen, projected the vivacity of the performances to a higher level.
There was so much to see that we are sure you'll be able to catch a lot of pictures of this event around the blogosphere! Lots of people took tons, literally tons, of photos!
We believe there was even a video recorded. We'll post the link as soon as we see it uploaded.
When the show ended (or so we thought!), the audience was invited to join the performers on stage for a bit of dancing!
BUT... it wasn't over yet!  No, no, no!
The Changhigh Sisters continued to marvel us with an extraordinary variety of dances, lights and beauty!
This was definitely  the best show of this kind we have seen in Second Life!
And it was time to go! A word of praise to the organization team and everyone who worked close with them to make this edition of the Fair an amazing event! LnL was proud to be a part of it!
See you next year at the Medieval Fantasy Fair III!

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