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Friday, March 2, 2012

Discussion on child avies!

This was not an easy topic, child avatars – reasons for creating a child avie and reactions towards them. It was a mature discussion held at LnL Square by an amazing group of people who debated this topic in a very open way. Despite the fact that many feel uncomfortable in the presence of child avatars, everyone expressed the respect for individual choices. Often caught between what borders on prejudice, in the opinion of some, and their need to portray what they consider a child’s behavior/language to be, child avatars are often seen with suspicion and asked to leave sims/stores/locations or to change their avies. Now, why do people (adults and not teens, was the general opinion) feel the need to create a child avatar? It could be the result of creativity, the need to heal or to be different, even a way of disturbing others. As the discussion continued, it was inevitable to talk about pedophilia in SL. Yes, a touchy issue that Linden Lab has had to address and tried to eradicate, successfully or not? Whether we talk about child avatars being adopted, roleplaying within the context of a Second Life family or simply being griefers (as someone pointed out, not a common occurrence), one must respect those who choose to enact a child in SL having no foul intentions. Join us next week for a new topic! Thursday, 2pm SLT at LnL’s Discussion Lounge!


  1. They each have their own reasons.

    If you don't know Marianne McCann already, she's a wonderful person at any age, creative and funny, and I'd trust them with my life.

    Drop 'em a line.


    1. Thanks, Crap. Good idea. I will. Hugs.

  2. No matter the age, good humans will always have me on their side if they are correct and beautiful...(and by beautiful I mean their humanity not their looks!!).. to be an adult, we must go through childhood!! Lets enjoy life and drop prejudgements!!

  3. So true, JudgeLaw. Thank you for your comment!