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Friday, February 3, 2012

Discussions summaries!

It was time! LnL's discussions are back! A group of familiar faces, and a handful of new ones as well, gathered to discuss the topic "Love, Sex and Videogames" in Second Life (SL). It was a lively discussion with extremely interesting points being put forward. We talked about falling in love in SL, which was pretty much the same as in Real Life (RL), although most were aware of the fact that there seems to be a strong idealization regarding the person behind the avatar. In SL, the primary focus is on the quality of communication rather than looks, yet it was pointed out that the way our avatar looks does reflect who we are. It is surprising how quickly relationships start and end in SL; this seems to be the norm, or not? Some mentioned their cases and explained that the process was very similar to RL's and not fast at all, which may have happened because there was no expectation of starting a virtual relationship. An intersting question came up, if a virtual relationship would not become, at some point, frustrating by not having the "reality" factor and the physical contact; some thought that it did depend on the way the relationship was "defined" by the couple, others defended that the virtual element per se could be a sad reminder that it is "only" an online relationship. The group also talked about the fact that it is very difficult for people outside of SL to actually understand an SL relationship; they can't fully comprehend how it could be seen as a full relationship without the physical element, yet everyone thought that SL relationships are very real and lived intensively (unless we are talking about roleplaying and sex for the sake of sex, as it happens in some cases). SL may be the place where many are finding their soulmate or maybe just a place to enjoy someone's closeness. sometimes relationships in SL become RL relationships as well. Other times, SL is a totally separate universe and people "play" within a character role. It was a very interesting and rich discussion! Join us next week, Thursday at 2pm SLT for a new topic amongst a friendly group of discussers at LnL!

As February is Love Month in LnL, this week's discussion was a continuation of the topic. London presided the meeting, of course! :) He kick-stared tings by asking whether virtual worlds were boring when there is no one to love. The replies went all the way from yes to no! Despite of being one of the most interesting things in Second Life, interpersonal relationships are only one of an infinite number of things that one can get involved in. Having said that, relationships in SL often end up in marriage not rarely with complex wedding ceremonies; discussers defended that the sheer possibility of that happening gives residents a taste of glamour and richness they may not have in RL. Now the unavoidable issue came up, what about relationships in SL where the partners are married in RL? The group feel that anything is aceptable as long as both sides are informed and agree on the terms of the SL/RL relationships; as it was pointed out, the problems start when both partners don't share the same perspectives and ideas. Jelousy is, in these cases, a part of the deal. The discussion then moved on to the aspects that make a relationship work in SL, such as honesty, kindness, caring, understanding, open communication, and certainly only having the "bright side of life" wit no daily stress, or dirty dishes to wash! One of the last topics the group addressed was the fact that SL relationships are many times fast-paced, quick to start and quick to end, probably due to too big expectations and the fact that is seems to be easier to break-up when not face to face with the other. Finally, the group suggested a few nice places to visit with your loved one or a friend or two! It was time to finish. SL opens the opportunity for either companionship, partnership or just gaming. Whichever the case may be it is important to be respectful and enjoy Second Life!

Drop by for new topics every Thursday at 2pm SLT at LnL Square Lounge!

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