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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Black Heart of Babbage!

For young and old in Second Life, a challenge is always something worth our attention, especially when a mysterious hidden story is at hand! Loki Eliot presents The Black Heart, a New Babbage Chronicles Game open to every resident of SL. This game takes place in New Babbage, an industrial town populated by steampunky eccentric characters. The story starts when an archeologist dug up an ancient statue, inside of which a heartbeat could be heard. One morning it was cracked open and whatever was trapped inside had disappeared.

To add to the mystery, the archeologist went missing leaving a few items behind, a bag of letters and a map. In this game, you need to progressively uncover the story, figuring out clues one by one. Click on everything, grab clues everywhere and you may even ask Babbage's residents. Explore as much as you can!

Make sure to take a note of all details and to check the map of New Babbage. Every now and then taking a rest and rethinking the path taken so far is important. Sometimes even the most unsuspected places hold an important clue.

It may get a bit difficult at times! You may feel like you need to retrace your steps back and review your notes.
This game is very interesting and you have a lot of amazing places to discover!

A few hints:
> Create a folder with the name *******NEW BABBAGE (the asterixes will make that folder appear at the top of your inventory, right after the default folder).
> The Landing Point is crucial. It gives you a lot of information!
> Grab a Landmark of every location you find relevant so you retrace your steps back there if needed.
> Pay close attention to all the objects/letters/notes/etc. you find. ALL are relevant at some point.
> Also visit the blog here and the Twitter feed here to catch up on the latest news!

London and I enjoyed this game a lot and had a great time. Congrats go to Loki and to all who helped for the amazing job they did with the story and the interactive approach (there are online resources you are given like online short films)! The Black Heart of Babbage is waiting for you!

Updated: We have been posted @ http://twitter.com/babbagemystery :) Thank you!

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