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Saturday, July 24, 2010

We dare you!! The Mystery of Lord Edmund!

London and I stumbled upon this quest the other day. We love adventure quests and are always very curious to see what they are about. Now, we dare you to take the quest as well!

When you TP to Teista, you arrive in the gardens that belong to Castle Dark Draconis (set to midnight for a more immersive experience). At Landing Point, touch the poster of the "Mystery of Lord Edmund" to start! London took all the shots and prepared this cool preview for all of you to enjoy! The last one of this first sequence is of the poster mentioned before. The other photos were taken in several locations of the sim! :)

As you touch the poster, you are given a notecard (NC) with the tale of Lord Edmund. This is his story. While trying to get to his cousins, Lord Edmund's ship sinks and he is the sole survivor. It is said a stranger helped him. After saving Edmund, this stranger whispered into his ear and shared something so shocking that Edmund’s hair turned white and he could never speak again. Apparently Lord Edmund made it back to Draconis but never to his cousins. Why? And who was the stranger? No one is sure. Draconis is now home to vampires and other creatures, it is said. They took over right after Lord Edmund returned. But where is Lord Edmund? And is he the ghost roaming about? Only a mortal can set him free to rest in peace. That is the challenge!

The NC with the story also contains the first clue. You are looking for Garlic Bags , crosses and a number of other objects. Some of them are quite difficult to find! But what is a good challenge without a bit of effort! The most important thing is to pay very close attention to every location (explore the surroundings in detail) and to read the hints carefully. If you get lost, trace your steps back to the last spot where you found something and restart from there. (LnL hint: create a folder and name it ********Quest, for example; the multiple asteriskes will make sure that this folder is the first one after the SL default folders, so it will be easier for you to find it; place the objects and NCs you receive along the way there for an easier access whenever you need to use them! It is also helpful to rename the notecards with reference to the clue given/location,where they were found since some of them share the same name). Explore all the hidden corners and have fun!!

For additional info, visit the Quest's blog here! If you get totally stuck and feel like going ARGH!!!!!!, IM Divalin Magic or Talya Barzane for a hint.

This quest is very interesting! It took a lot of work to organise and set up, and it is a true challenge for anyone who likes something a bit more complex than roaming about aimlessly in SL! Are you ready? Then click here! Your ship to Teista and Lord Edmund awaits! Enjoy! :)

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