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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Discussion at LnL about Crisis alert! - Drama in Second Life"

Tuesday, May 4 at 2pm SLT, LnL's discussion group met to discuss the topic "Crisis alert! - Drama in Second Life". We started off with lots of questions, what is drama? Inexperience? Control? Fun?! Or even an addiction? And we had a fun and lively time! Defining drama was a bit difficult. It was suggested that it would be easier to define what was NOT drama instead, and how true that is! Yet we tried and most of us agreed that drama is generated mostly by the different expectations people have fueled by exaggeration and big (small) egos. Drama can also be increased by the lack of communication skills (although not all agreed with this), people's ego fragilities or the need to vent stress resulting from RL's (Real Life) problems. As to the influence of social networks, most didn't see the connection with Second Life (SL) and did not experience any drama coming from that. It was very interesting to see that, according to the group's experience, drama most frequently happens not from newbies nor from well established Second Life residents but rather from those who are in the middle of these two sides, those still trying to find their place. The group also talked briefly about griefers and their reasons to create drama -- the twisted fun of causing havok. It was very interesting to register that drama in SL is not always perceived as a bad thing, namely in some RP (roleplay) groups where drama is part of the twists and turns of RPing! Finally, we talked about some of the strategies to avoid drama -- TP away, avoid hanging out with strangers, avoid drama prone areas, respect the rules of RP groups, and... why not... be a good listener.
To conclude the discussion, and on a lighter tone, drama is a human inate characteristic and something that will never disappear! Yet, for the sake of SL's sanity, everyone should ponder about it a bit and... avoid it like the plague (or not...!). Join us next week at LnL's Lounge for a new topic and a fun discussion group where everyone is welcome!

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