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LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yesterday's discussion at LnL!

Yesterday's topic was "Second Life's food chain! - status in SL!". The group met at LnL's Lounge for a lively discussion! In Second Life everyone is apparently equal. There seems to be a common beginning for all. Everyone has a chance to have the same things, the same opportunities. Some agreed yet others stated that the circumstances did influence things a lot changing the opportunities each one had in SL. Then the group talked a bit about SL celebrities, namely DJs, and how temporary that status was. Most agreed that the celebrity status is often connected to ego-trips and the need some have to feel superior to others. Then the owner status was discussed. Arrogance or simply a defense mechanism? Perhaps both, the group argued. We also talked about hunt organisers and the certain notoriety they seem to have been getting lately with people praising them excessively. In this respect, some participants highlighted the difference between excessive praising and acknowledging efforts as something extremely important. It was pointed out as well that notoriety and status in SL often results from and is reinforced by the influence of external social networks such as blogs. The group talked about age as a status factor; most agreed that it is often perceived as relevant not so much as a status factor de per si but as a sign of experience. Finally, status through ownership was discussed. All agreed that owning land is a status factor, yet some disagreed that owning for instance clothes of a certain brand would mean the same. Status, most believed, is something more visible in small niches of SL, or smaller groups, rather than gridwide. As a conclusion, it was suggested that time will tell how important the issue of status in SL will become, and if it will have a strong impact on residents. Hopefully, it will not create gaps between people but contribute positively for everyone to enjoy Second Life! Do join us next time for a new topic, same place, same time - LnL's Lounge, Tusdays at 2pm SLT!

For updated information on the groups' events, we invite you to join the in-world group L&L Square or to IM Lizzie Gudkov or London Junkers for an invite! :)

PS: Cool photo! Thanks London!

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