✣ LnL Square in Second Life ✣
LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Monday, November 30, 2015


For a whole month participants of the Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) get inspired and try to accomplish the huge task of getting 50000 (fifty K) words writen in the form of a novel. Liz has been participating in this event already for a few years and I am so proud of her. Today, coming to the last day of the 2015 wrimo she has even gone farther and has writen more than 60 K WOW!!
 CONGRATS LIZ, you are AWESOME . I knew from the beggining you would make it. You are simply THE BEST!!  Keep writing those great stories we can read in your blog, you are a fabulous writer!! To see  some of her amazing stories visit her blog at LizzieGudkov.blogspot.com
Again Congrats Liz, You are a true WINNER!!

Hunt Prize @ Christmas Winter Dream Market

The Christmas Winter Dream Market is about to start! On top of the wonderful designs of 50 amazing creators, everyone has joined efforts to prepare an amazing hunt for you! All prizes are marked between 10L and 30L. LnL has decided to mark its prize (shown on photo above) at 10L . The red vest unisex outfit is elegantly appropriate for the holiday season. Enjoy!

New Releases @ Christmas Winter Dream Market

LnL has prepared two new releases for the 
Two complete unisex outfits. As always, all attachable elements are resizable.
The Christmas Winter Dream Market opens December 1 and closes December 26. Drop by to check the new releases and don't forget there's also a hunt on location. All prizes are marked between 10L and 30L. LnL's is 10L. Look for a snowflake and have fun!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Christmas Winter Dream Market!

Oh! What is going on?! 
Something is brewing! ;)
We can't show you yet, but all the creators are working hard, setting things up at the Market! Everything looks amazing!
More soon!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let It Snow Hunt Prize

The winter hunts are here! At the store, we'll have the Let It Snow Hunt. The hunt prize is the unisex complete outfit you see above. This outfit includes a top piece (worn as a shirt), pants (mod) and gloves. It also includes a collar, a coat bottom for the gentlemen and a tail skirt with a bow for the ladies. The hidden prize is marked 1L. You also have the option of getting the prize without having to look for it. The hunt object is on the stand by the hunt posters; it's marked 25L. Drop by the store and enjoy!