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LnL Square is a group.
LnL Square is a store in Second Life with four collections
-- Main Collection, Gothic Collection, Kimono Collection and Tshirts Collection, plus accessories.
LnL styles go from Gothic, Biker, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Oriental, Steampunk, Vampire to Celtic.
LnL Square hosts weekly discussions and inworld parties.
LnL Square is owned by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nature's Hunt 2 Year Anniversary Hunt Prize!!

Nature's Hunts is celebrating its 2 year anniversary by organising a fantastic hunt lasting till the end of the month of March! As always, Resje Bailey and her team have done a fantastic job setting things up smoothly and with no issues at all. LnL has joined the celebration by preparing an absolutely amazing unisex complete outfit! You are looking for a Treble Clef (musical symbol). This is a 1L hunt! Click the red "i" (hint giver) near the hunt posters for updated hints! Happy Anniversary! And Happy Hunting!

Mean Green Hunt Prize!

The Mean Green Hunt starts March 3 and ends March 31. The theme is "as green as possible"! So LnL has prepared this devilishly green hat for you to enjoy. The hint is "Get warm", so look for a nice warm place and you are looking for a Green Celtic Knot! ;) For information about other ongoing hunts, click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters. Happy Hunting!

Music is Life Hunt Prize!

The Music is Life Hunt is dedicated to all sorts of music related themes in Second and First Lives. The hunt starts March 1 and ends March 31. You are looking for a Treble and Bass Clef (music symbols). Click the red "i" (hint giver) near the hunt posters) for an updated hint! We hope you enjoy the prize!

Medieval Fantasy Hunt Prize!

Once again, LnL Square is taking part in the Medieval and Fantasy Hunt. This is the 4th edition of a very successful event for people particularly interested in the Medieval and Fantasy worlds in Second Life. The hunt starts March 1 and ends March 31. You are looking for a half opened chest and you could try checking in the room where the pyramids are! For information on other ongoing hunts, click the red "i" (hint giver) by the thunt posters. Have fun!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Superlight Slick Sunglasses March Group Gift!

Superlight slightly tinted lenses, very thin and elegant sculpted bridge and temples! These fantastic unisex sunglasses are now LnL's March Group Gift! They are perfect for an awesome look! Grab them now! Here is your --> limo!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Discussion abridged, of looks and diversity!

Last Thursday, the discussion at LnL Square was about Second Life (SL) genders, shapes, and the reasons for creating our avatars in a certain way, our expectations and results. It was very interesting to see how diverse discussers' motivations were; some thought their personalities were the potentiating factor, others the experiences and places they go through. Some create a look and stick to it for a long period of time, others change it seasonally, and finally there were those who changed it daily, even several times a day. Often how the avatar looks is also determined by what we cannot have in Real Life (RL), while others decided to choose the exact opposite of what they were in RL. The group also debated the possibility of an enriching diversity in SL, often not used fully; for some, it was disconcerting, even annoying, that people tend to fall back into the same cliché looks. Paradoxically enough, realism in body size/mass is close to non-existent! The concept of “being different”, which should serve the purpose of putting an end to discrimination, doesn’t achieve that goal at all; avatars in wheelchairs, older or overweight seem to be the object of both indifference and derogatory comments. The discussion ended on a fun note with discussers showing several of their avatars! That is the essence of SL, to have the possibility to explore our wildest dreams and have fun! See you next Thursday, 2pm SLT at LnL’s Discussion Lounge, for a new topic and a fantastic group! The discussion is open to the grid, so come on over and share your ideas!

Hephaestus comes to life in new release!

Outfit O-66 is inspired in Hephaestus, the God of Fire. This extremely vibrant outfit brings a top (worn as a shirt), pants (mod) decorated with an elegant hammer detail (as Hephaestus was the God of Craftsmen as well), and gloves, plus a coat bottoms and sculpted collars (both resizable) for the female and the male avatar. To visit the store, click --> here.

Splendid New Gothic Unisex Outfit!

LnL G40-O65 is a splendid Gothic outfit in blue-purple tones. It includes a top (worn as a shirt) decorated by a rich purple vest on a white shirt and a cross on a pink ribbon, pants (mod), gloves, and coat bottoms plus sculpted collars, both for the female and the male avatar. The accessories are resizable so you can adjust them perfectly to your avatar. To visit the store, click --> here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Discussion Thurs 2pmSLT!

Am I a man or a mouse? NOT, I am an Avie!
Genders, shapes, colours!! Reasons for creating our avatar in a certain way, our expectations and results!! These are some of the things we will talk about so do join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Moderator -- London Junkers

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Esher alive!

The 3D version of Esher's Relativity in Second Life is a must-visit exhibit! An original lithograph dated 1953 by the Dutch artist is an extraordinary example of artistry and geometry. TRP360 did an amazing job with the inworld replica where you can try to find all the positions of the people in the original

(look for poseballs/sit areas) and challenge gravity and understanding! To go to Zenfinity to visit this exhibit, click ---> here! Have fun!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Discussion postponed to next Thursday

RL does take over sometimes and so it did this week. Despite trying hard to coordenate things, well... London and I have decided to postpone the discussion. We'll see you next week at 2pm SLT in LnL's Lounge!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Glamour Is Hunt prize is out!

The Glamour is Hunt has a gorgeous prize! It's a complete unisex outfit with a gothic collar and a coat bottom for the gentlemen and a tail skirt with a bow for the ladies. The accessories are resizable for a perfect fit! The prize is marked 10L but it's totally worth it! LnL's outfits are all sold for 400L!!! So, come on over and grab yours! Click the red "i" for a hint and have fun! Click --> here to go to the LnL store!

Congratulations to Paco and Manu!

Our dear friends, Paco and Manu, are celebrating the second anniversary of their amazing store 22769. It has been an outstanding path of uncountable achievements. Both London and I, Lizzie, have witnessed its growth with so much joy. Second Life needs good people with a solid sense of esthetics. Paco and Manu do have that, and above all they are the nicest people! Congratulations on this new milestone achieved!! May you celebrate many more. We'll be here cheering for you! So, everyone, do drop by their store and look around! There is sooooo much to enjoy! Click --- > here to go to 22769!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Discussion Thursday, Feb 9 at 2pm SLT!

All we need is love!! Or not? February, month of cupid in SL!! We will continue talking about this intriguing topic. Passion, sex, illusion or delusion? Do join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Moderator -- London Junkers! Click --> here to go to LnL!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New release in Main Collection!

Outfit O-64 takes you to a techno-industrial world in a metal blue look. This unisex outfit brings a top (worn as a shirt) with an awesome texture, pants (mod to fit any type of shoewear) and gloves. It is complemented by metal bladed shoulder guards, a belt and a coat bottom for the female and one for the male avatar plus a sculpted collar. All accessories are resizable for a perfect fit. Click --> here to go to the LnL store!

New Release in Gothic Collection!

LnL G39-O63 is an exquisite unisex outfit. The black top (worn as a shirt) has a detailed texture of metal hook buckles with a white cross, and an amazing large leather belt, pants (mod) matching the top and black gloves. This outfit is completed by a skirt bottom for the female and for the male avatars, black spikey shoulder guards, a three layer buckled armband (worn on right forearm) and a sculpted collar. Click --> here to go to the LnL store!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bell of Firmament in Dalestra

Dalestra has been blogged in LnL's blog before and for a good reason. It's a very interesting sim that offers a lot of options for you to explore. This time, we are showing you The Bell of Firmament. If you arrive at the default Landing Point in Delestra, walk outside and look for the blue beam to teleport to the Bell of Firmament.

Or you can use this --> SLURL to go directly to the location. The Bell of Firmament is a device that renders constelations in 3D; it is capable of scaling, filtering and drawing connections between stars. It is a fantastic way to explore how the zodiacs could look like in space and to discover many of the others constellations. Its visuals are absolutely fantastic! Drop by for some fun and do share your experiences in the comments!

Monday, February 6, 2012

London at the UWA exhibit with his Perfume!

London is featured once again at the UWA (The University of Western Australia) exhibition. This time the theme was "Perfume". London created the impressive installation (photo above) which is best viewed at midnight. This piece can be enjoyed both by looking at the ensemble and by paying close attention to its details. You are invited to drop by and visit the exhibit! If you like London's creation, do vote for him! Click ---> here for a teleport! Thank you. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Impromptu Party at LnL!

Fun, fun, fun! London decided to throw a party and we got to work! Everyone gathered in the LnL Ballroom for the first party in the new sim! The DJ, our own London of course, did an amazing job streaming a few oldies and a fair amount of in songs as well.

It was a great time spent in great company! And we are considering making it a regular event! What do you think? :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Discussions summaries!

It was time! LnL's discussions are back! A group of familiar faces, and a handful of new ones as well, gathered to discuss the topic "Love, Sex and Videogames" in Second Life (SL). It was a lively discussion with extremely interesting points being put forward. We talked about falling in love in SL, which was pretty much the same as in Real Life (RL), although most were aware of the fact that there seems to be a strong idealization regarding the person behind the avatar. In SL, the primary focus is on the quality of communication rather than looks, yet it was pointed out that the way our avatar looks does reflect who we are. It is surprising how quickly relationships start and end in SL; this seems to be the norm, or not? Some mentioned their cases and explained that the process was very similar to RL's and not fast at all, which may have happened because there was no expectation of starting a virtual relationship. An intersting question came up, if a virtual relationship would not become, at some point, frustrating by not having the "reality" factor and the physical contact; some thought that it did depend on the way the relationship was "defined" by the couple, others defended that the virtual element per se could be a sad reminder that it is "only" an online relationship. The group also talked about the fact that it is very difficult for people outside of SL to actually understand an SL relationship; they can't fully comprehend how it could be seen as a full relationship without the physical element, yet everyone thought that SL relationships are very real and lived intensively (unless we are talking about roleplaying and sex for the sake of sex, as it happens in some cases). SL may be the place where many are finding their soulmate or maybe just a place to enjoy someone's closeness. sometimes relationships in SL become RL relationships as well. Other times, SL is a totally separate universe and people "play" within a character role. It was a very interesting and rich discussion! Join us next week, Thursday at 2pm SLT for a new topic amongst a friendly group of discussers at LnL!

As February is Love Month in LnL, this week's discussion was a continuation of the topic. London presided the meeting, of course! :) He kick-stared tings by asking whether virtual worlds were boring when there is no one to love. The replies went all the way from yes to no! Despite of being one of the most interesting things in Second Life, interpersonal relationships are only one of an infinite number of things that one can get involved in. Having said that, relationships in SL often end up in marriage not rarely with complex wedding ceremonies; discussers defended that the sheer possibility of that happening gives residents a taste of glamour and richness they may not have in RL. Now the unavoidable issue came up, what about relationships in SL where the partners are married in RL? The group feel that anything is aceptable as long as both sides are informed and agree on the terms of the SL/RL relationships; as it was pointed out, the problems start when both partners don't share the same perspectives and ideas. Jelousy is, in these cases, a part of the deal. The discussion then moved on to the aspects that make a relationship work in SL, such as honesty, kindness, caring, understanding, open communication, and certainly only having the "bright side of life" wit no daily stress, or dirty dishes to wash! One of the last topics the group addressed was the fact that SL relationships are many times fast-paced, quick to start and quick to end, probably due to too big expectations and the fact that is seems to be easier to break-up when not face to face with the other. Finally, the group suggested a few nice places to visit with your loved one or a friend or two! It was time to finish. SL opens the opportunity for either companionship, partnership or just gaming. Whichever the case may be it is important to be respectful and enjoy Second Life!

Drop by for new topics every Thursday at 2pm SLT at LnL Square Lounge!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Womenstuff Hunt prize!

The Womenstuff Hunt will start tomorrow and LnL has prepared a prize that is for the ladies, yes, but can be worn by the guys as well! The dragon themed longsleeved Tshirt on a purple background is paired with black jeans (mod) to complete the look! The hunt object you are looking for is an orange Tshirt and, don't forget, click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters to check for an updated hint. Happy Hunting at LnL!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LnL: Discussion this Thursday at 2pm SLT!!!

"Love, Sex and Videogames". February, month of love in SL!! All the things we need to know about this intriguing topic will be talked about so do join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Moderator: London Junkers

When Roses Turn Black 2 is on!

The When the Roses Turn Black 2 Hunt prize is out at LnL! Above, you can see the motive of the Tshirt. It looks awesome. It comes with mod pants as well. The prize is marked 1L but it's totally worthwhile if you like Valentine's items that look a bit different from the usual pinkish stuff. Drop by the store and click the red "i" (hint giver) near the hunt posters for an updated hint! Happy Hunting!